Motivation from the teacher

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A man who is *different* from the Spiritual Master lets out criticism and harsh words, and expresses his hatred for the wise Master.

The Master just kept quiet, listened to him patiently, calmly and didn't say a word.

After the man left, the students who saw the incident were curious and asked: "Why is the teacher just silent and not replying to the man's cursing ..?"*

After a while the Master said to his disciple:

"If someone gives you something, and you don't want to accept it, then who does it belong to?"

"Of course it will return to the giver's property,"* answered the student straightforwardly.

“That's right…… as well as those harsh words,” said the Master.

“Since I don't want to accept those words, then those words will come back to you. He had to keep it to himself.

He does not realize, because later he will have to enjoy the results in this world or in the hereafter; because the negative energy that arises from thoughts, feelings, quotes, and actions will only result in suffering in life.

Then, continued the Master: “Just like a person who wants to pollute the sky by spitting on it. The spit will only fall into his own face.”

also if there are people out there who are very angry...let them be...because they are throwing their GARBAGE: "If you are silent, then the garbage will return to itself, but if you respond, it means you receive garbage.. . . . "

"Nowadays there are so many people on the streets who live with garbage in their hearts ( _ trash of annoyance, garbage of garbage, garbage of hatred, etc.)...

The Master continued his advice: The Master continued his advice:

"If you can't give, don't take"

"If you're too hard to love, don't hate"

"If you can't comfort others, don't make them sad."

"If you can't praise, don't blaspheme."

"If you can't appreciate, don't insult"

"If you don't like friendship, don't be enemies"

it's time - we train ourselves to get rid of all the garbage in our hearts...

Hope it is useful...

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1 year ago


I like this content. I realized something that we should not be get easily do something bad to others because it will just return the bad things we've done to them. I learn to alway be kind no matter what. Thank you for this. Keep sharing the good thoughts. Nice to meet you. God bless you too. 😊

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1 year ago

thank you for visiting my post, nice to meet you too, god bless you too.

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1 year ago