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Assalamu'alaikum all friends, come back with me @goodhand in this beloved community.

today I was in ule gle, to be precise in the village of muko buloh, here I stayed at the house of a relative from my uncle's family.

in the morning I woke up at 8, because I was still sleepy, I continued to sleep, at 11 I woke up again because it was hot, after a bit I was better off sleeping again until I woke up at 12.30.

after that I took a shower and was told to eat, after that we were invited to the premium tanjung cafe in ule gle precisely in front of Pertamina,before I went there, I took the motorbike to the repair shop first, the motorbike chain was loose, so it had to be repaired.

After finishing at the workshop, I went straight to the Tanjung Premium cafe, when my uncle arrived first, we immediately joined the table where he had sat down first.

Ashar, I went to Samalanga because there was a need on campus, arriving at campus I immediately went to a place that had been determined by my friend,when we got there we waited for a while then my friend told me to call the lecturer and ask if he was coming, after the call it turned out that the lecturer didn't come, because there was an event in his village.

because the lecturer didn't come, I and my friends on campus went to the motorbike wash, because my motorbike was very dirty, arrived at the motorbike wash,it turned out that it was about to close, I looked for another place that was full too, went elsewhere Thank God it's still open.

after parking the motorbike in a predetermined place, I sat in the place that had been provided, we sat while talking about campus,family, and the problems of their respective villages, after that I took the motorbike and went straight back to my uncle's house in ule gle.

got there, when Maghrib arrived, we immediately started praying, after that we went to eat at a restaurant next to the premium tanjung cafe,after eating we went back home to pick up the goods, after taking the goods we immediately left to go home.

Arriving at the ripe intersection, I stopped briefly at the teacher's house to take my medicine which was left when I came home 1 week ago, after that I continued my journey back to Peureulak.

in bireun we stopped briefly at the cafe for coffee so we wouldn't fall asleep.

That's all for my Story today, I hope all friends like and read my story today, thank you for all your support. I'm @goodhand wassalamu'alaikum.

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