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Once upon a time a young Indian came to his father's tent. In there sat an old man, with a long smoking pipe. His eyes were closed, he seemed to be meditating. silence. "Father, may I join the hunt tomorrow morning?" asked the young Indian to break the silence there. The father's eyes opened slowly,His eyes were sharp, looking at the child he loved the most. The tribal chief was silent.

"Yes Father, may I join the hunt tomorrow? Look, I've sharpened my knife. Now everything is sharp and shiny." The little one's hand reached into something from behind his leather pouch.The father was still listening quietly. "I have also made arrows for my hunting supplies. Here, look at me, Father, they must be sharp. I have stretched out my bow to make it flexible.Surely I will be a great brave Indian like Father. Let me come with you dad." There was a whimpering request from the little one.

The atmosphere is still silent. The two of them looked at each other. The father's deep voice said, "Are you brave enough to hunt? "Yes!" I immediately heard a short answer from the little one. "With my knife and arrows, I will be the greatest." The father smiled, "Okay, you can come tomorrow, but remember, you have to walk in front of our troops. Got it?" The young Indian nodded.

The next day, the Indian troops were ready at the edge of the forest. The chieftain, and the young Indian, stood at the forefront. "Today my son will lead our hunt. Let him walk the front." The young Indian looked dashing. There were several knives tucked into his waist. Arrows and bows, visible across his back. This is his first hunt. The little one shouted loudly, "let's go."

They started to enter the forest. The trees are getting closer, and the bushes are getting taller. The sun was not free to illuminate the dense forest. Starting to hear the sounds of the animals that were there. The little Indian who had stepped bravely, began to walk carefully. His face was worried and scared. His face occasionally glanced back at his father. Dazed, and horrified. Suddenly there were several tiger roars. "Father...!!" cried the little one. His hands covered his face, and he tried to run backwards. The father smiled at his son's behavior, as did the other Indians.

Why? You are scared? Have your knives and arrows dulled? Where's the courage you showed yesterday?" The young Indian fell silent. "Didn't you say your knife and arrows can make you brave? Why are you scared now? See son, courage doesn't come from what you have. But, that courage comes from here, from your soul, from within your chest." The Chief's hand pointed towards the little guy's chest.

If you still want to be a brave Indian, keep going. But if, in you there is still a fearful soul, follow my footsteps." The young Indian was still silent. "No matter how sharp your knife and arrows are, it will not make you brave if your soul is still cowardly. No matter how strong the bow you have stretched, it will not make you brave if there is more cowardice in you." "...Aauummmm." Suddenly there was the sound of a tiger roaring again. The young Indian turned pale again. He chose to walk behind father.

~Author Unknown~

My best friend. Is that courage? Courage is not a feeling possessed by people who think they have everything. Courage is also not a feeling that comes from pride and arrogance. Courage is a soul that comes from within, and not from the material things we have. Courage is something hidden that makes people never be afraid no matter what they face.

I believe, courage does not come from what we wear or have. Courage doesn't come from what we show off or what we have. But, courage is coming from within, from within our own chest. Courage is something that surrounds our feelings, and becomes a provision in every step we take.

My friend, maybe at this time we are given a lot of convenience, and make us feel brave enough to live life. We may be entrusted with advantages and make us arrogant that all problems will be able to be faced. Maybe today we are rich, beautiful, highly educated, and well positioned, but can that be a guarantee that we will forever be able to live this life? Will it forever be enough to equip us in this "hunt" of life?

Be a young Indian who keeps on going, with a brave soul that comes from within, and NOT from sharpened knives and arrows. Be a young Indian who is never afraid to hear the sound of a tiger, no matter how loud it sounds. Be a young Indian who remains confident in the courageous choices he makes. Don't be afraid, don't be afraid to move on.

Thank you for reading,

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