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A wise man was asked by his guests.

Guest : "Actually what is the feeling of being 'bored', Old Man?"

Old Man: "Boredom is a state in which the mind wants change, longs for something new, and wants to stop life's routine and monotonous circumstances from time to time."

Guest : "Why do we feel bored?"

Old Man: "Because we are never satisfied with what we have."

Guest : "How to get rid of boredom?"

Old Man: "There is only one way, enjoy the boredom, then we will be free from it."

Guest : "How is it possible to enjoy boredom?"

Old Man: "Ask yourself: why do you never get tired of eating the same rice every day?"

Guest : "Because we eat rice with different side dishes and vegetables, Old Man."

Old Man: "That's right, my son, add something new to your routine and the boredom will go away."

Guest: "How about adding something new to the routine?"

Old Man : "Change the way you do that routine. If you usually write while sitting, try writing while squatting or lying down. If you usually read in a chair, try reading while walking or jumping. If you usually make calls with your right hand, try it with your hand. left or by foot if you can. And so on."

Then the guest left.

A few days later the Guest visited the Old Man again.

Guest : "Old man, I've done what you suggested, why am I still feeling bored too?"

Old Man : "Try to do something childish."

Guest: "For example?"

Old Man: "Play the game that you enjoyed the most when you were little."

Then the guest left.

A few weeks later, the Guest came again to the Old Man's house.

Guest : "Old man, I did what you suggested. In every spare time I played to my heart's content all the children's games that I used to enjoy. And magic happened. Until now I never feel bored again, even when I do things I used to think were boring. How could that be, Old Man?"

With a smile the old man said: "Because everything actually comes from your own mind, my son. Boredom also comes from your mind thinking about boredom. I told you to play like a child so that your mind becomes cheerful. Now you don't feel bored anymore because your thoughts about joy succeeded in overcoming your thoughts of boredom. Everything comes from thoughts. Thinking bored makes you bored. Thinking cheerful makes you cheerful."


Thank you for reading,..

Hopefully the feeling of boredom while staying at home can help the solution from this story...

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