A trip to the cold city

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1 year ago

Assalamu'alaikum all friends, come back with me @goodhand in this beloved community, sorry I haven't shared my activities for a few days.

Today I don't have much activity, because I wake up during the day, last night I slept after dawn.

after I woke up, I immediately took a shower and continued with the dhuhur prayer, after that I just sat in my room, and played on my cellphone.

In the afternoon after I ate and prayed, I brought ice cubes to our shop, because the ice stock had run out,After delivering the ice cubes, I went for an afternoon walk, I went alone because I didn't have any friends to accompany me. hehehe

I came home from a walk I went home to get ready to do the Maghrib prayer, after that I played on my cellphone for a while before I went to the shop to help my family.

at 19.30 I went to the shop to help my family, I sat at the cashier as usual, while sitting at the cashier suddenly it rained very hard.

the plan tonight I and my cousin want to go to Takengon, to go sightseeing, because I haven't been there for a long time, so I take this opportunity to go there.

the hour I have agreed with my cousin, which is past 01.00, because the night trip is very good, especially for those of us who are still young, and the roads are quiet, there are no traffic jams like during the day.

before I went to the shop I had prepared the things that I brought for the purposes of going to Takengon, the things I brought were only some change of clothes, and bathing needs,After I prepared all the necessities, I told my cousin to bring some change of clothes too, because our trip was not 1 day, it could be 3 days.

when I arrived at the shop, I asked my cousin again if he had brought a change of clothes, he instead told me to go to his hangout.

After I told my cousin, I just sat in the shop, because there was no one in the shop, there were employees who made juice, so I just controlled the inside of the shop.

That's it for my Story today, I hope all friends like and read my story today, thank you for all your support. I'm @goodhand wassalamu'alaikum.

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1 year ago