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We’re starting school today after a week holiday

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1 year ago

First semester starts today and will last for just few weeks.

Indeed, Corona Virus really disrupted our school scheme in the sense that all school curriculums has changed. Students stayed at home for so long that they sacrificed almost a whole year at home for the fear of this unprecedented virus.

After the government declared school opening last two months (except for kindergarten and nursery sections). We did our best to cover third term which was where we stopped before the lockdown.

We concluded our third term around November ending, then we gave our pupils a week rest which ended yesterday.

First term is here, but how far can we go before Christmas?

Primary 1 class being cleaned

We started with cleaning 🧹 up our school premises, arranging our classrooms and so on.

Some of upper grades pupils joined in the sanitation this morning like you can see from the below picture.

Bigger students helped teachers to clean their classrooms

Most of the work were done by our teachers, but some pupils got interested and opted to help their teachers in cleaning their classrooms.

A teacher mobbing downstairs floor

Indeed, we’re meant to round up this session in two weeks from now, meaning that there’ll be a Christmas holiday for the students.

First term isn’t going to be concluded within this two remaining weeks, it means that we’ll continue from January 2021 to be able to cover other schemes of work which may not be covered now.

We sent students away from the dusty areas for cleaning 🧼

Dry season is here, and the whole premises is dusty; it’s not healthy for children. We did a thorough cleaning with water and soaps. We sent students to classes that are cleaned already. We may not study much as usual today due to time consumed in doing sanitation.

Caring for orphans among us this Christmas 🎄

Remember that our school is solemnly to help vulnerable and poor children to obtain at least basic education, we offer them education from kindergarten to primary level. We have many orphans among us. We’re also thinking of how to buy them gifts 🎁 at this season of love. Christmas is around the corner and these kids should also experience love and care just like other children that are living with their parents out there.

Their joy and happiness should be secured

We’re living in such a horrible time; pandemic is here, and our country has entered in recession. But in all things, these poor, innocent children and orphans should at least feel good beyond their present circumstances.

We used to take them on picnics during Christmas period but we’re not seeing the possibility this year due to policies surrounding corona virus and social distancing.

But we’ll do shopping 🛒 for them; making sure that they have food, Christmas gifts 🎁, toys 🧸 to spend their Christmas holiday with. Some of our students living with their parents will travel with their parents for Christmas.

We trust that you’re there for them too. Their future starts from now and we’ll do everything possible to help them to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We’ll leave you with our school Anthem

🎵 Gloriouskids academy marching on for Christ..

Lift the flag of honor, marching to excellence.

We’re not divided, onwards to where we’ll be.

Forward into honor, marching on for Christ.

Gloriouskids academy marching on for Christ, lift the flag of honor, marching to excellence 🎶.

I am a Glorious Kid

Hope you enjoyed our school anthem. See you around next time.

We appreciates all your support for our school.

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Written by   4
1 year ago
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Covid-19 destroying everything

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