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Poor children in Africa are in need of basic education. See what happened

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2 years ago

Most of us in the picture are orphans, but we hopeful for a brighter future.

This is Gloriouskids Academy.

A school found on adoration for mankind particularly for the less advantaged of our general public in Nigeria West Africa.A school found on adoration for mankind particularly for the less advantaged of our general public in Nigeria West Africa.

We're here in light of the fact that we accept that will help in tackling numerous issues confronting our general public particularly those that impacts our kids; giving them a voice that will be heard the world over.

The founder.

My name is Ebunoha Justina. I am the propretress of Glorious Kids Academy otherwise known as gloriouskids on social stages. I was conceived in 1964 to the family of Wilfred O. I went to grade school at Nike elementary school and my auxiliary school at Girls High school Awkunanaw; all in West Africa.


As cash to further my training was not accessible, I chose to wed Mr. Crescent E. He was a cop who vowed to send me to any level in my training vocation. After our wedding, God favored us with five kids, three young men and two young ladies. Subsequent to nursing those youngsters, my hubby concluded that I should further my university education. I entered Teachers preparing college. As I was taking my last, most important exam, my hubby left me to an excursion past this life. By then it appeared to be everything we could ever want passed on with him. That turned into a nightmare for me as I was unable to proceed with my training however I figured out how to do my N.C.E and utilized it to educate in tuition based schools.

During my public assistance as an instructor, I saw that numerous youngsters are being exited from school because of absence of help from the legislature, and this revolting circumstance influences the low class residents of my nation. Having tasted what it feels to have one's fantasy broke, and seeing that my environmental factors aren't doing a lot to rescue such monstrous circumstances confronting African youngsters, I chose to open a school where there'll be an open door regardless of how little it is for these excellent kids who likewise ought to have full right to education and great living.

My fundamental motivation behind opening a school is to prepare up kids scholastically, with love for God, love and regard for mankind


1. To help the less privileged; having encountered such circumstance in my life.

2. To help the orphans since it was difficult to for me as a widow to prepare my kids scholastically.

3. To help in the realm's work. There is God whom I accept that he need the best for mankind.

4. To develop youngsters who are heads of today and competitor heads of tomorrow, through reasonable conduct, behavior and good moral.

5. To develop kids who are handy in numerous everyday issues , to control and engage them to utilize their abilities for the advancement of the general public.

6. To help kids who thinks that its hard to peruse, compose and fathom effectively; ensuring that due measures are mulled over to cause them to turn into as well as could be expected be.


7. To connect with these youngsters to blockchain innovation at the most punctual phase of their learning period.


We live in such climate where just rich guardians are the ones that approaches quality training for their kids, out government aren't improving the situation as they should, thusly a few of us (people) who have faith in human qualities are willingly volunteering to stretch out assistance to the helpless and helpless families who can't bear the cost of even essential instruction.

 We ensure that our understudies doesn't feel denied of any chance and benefit that a youngster ought to have, we put more effort from time to time on excursions so they can cooperate with different understudies and learn around their current circumstance.

These are a portion of my educators that I additionally positioned on compensations for Gloriouskids.

In Conclusion

Our guide on blockchain and web-based media is huge, however this being our early article, we will most likely be unable to plot all our vision in this solitary review, yet from now onwards, we'll persistently set up our blog entries in which we'll be making stride after another on our vision in engaging on blockchain venture which be unequivocally accept that it'll help in handling issues confronting Africa youngsters which our government has ignored for quite a long time.


We genuinely accept that we can get all the help, consideration the sponsorship that we may get from you.

Many thanks to the founder of; we don’t know him nor his name, but we hope that we’ll be welcomed here.

Thanks to our friend @Maxdevalue.BCH who invited us here, and helped setting our account. More thanks to @Koush , our friend has told us much about him and his help to Africa community. We’re told about many awesome personalities here that helps much in this community; people like @MarcDeMesel @RogerVer @Telesfor @emergent_reasons etc.

I’m a widow with a large heart. My life is all about poor children in Africa. I don’t have money, but the little in my possession I have given for these poor children.

I couldn’t build a school block for them, but I’m using my house for the job. I peacefully evacuated my tenants around 2018 for these kids. The orphans among them are living permanently with me, while those with parents aren’t.

It all started at the streets and swamps of West Africa! But we’re going somewhere with our vision.

We are still learning on how BCH and works, but we believe that you can and willing to support, sponsor these kids. All the support that we’ll get here will be used to better the lives of these kids through education and good medical care.

We don’t have a website yet, but our phone lines and email are open open for further enquiries.

Please contact us at

We'll be more than glad to hear from you.

And thanks for welcoming us.

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Written by   4
2 years ago
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7 months ago

তাদের অবশ্যই এটা পাওয়া অত্যন্ত জরুরী

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2 years ago

This is great. I am happy to support you anywhere I can going forward.

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2 years ago

My children will hear this. We’re grateful for your gesture Koush

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2 years ago
  1. Do you have somewhere we can see regular updates? I found very similar content to this on steemit 1 year ago.

  2. Are you Ebunoha Justina or are you helping her?

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2 years ago

I’m helping her through these means, she’s busy and not computer oriented, she’s my in-law and I get informations and updates from her, her pupils also contributes on their contents; if you consider their steem account.

Mrs. Justina also contributes in their articles both in steem, she involves in videos articles and more. Little support that she got from steem has helped those orphans with her and poor children with her

As my mother Inlaw, I think it’s not bad helping her through these means.

But you can reach out to her directly through phone calls or video chat, I can organize that.

I hope that at a time she’ll be able to write and update their page by herself because I’m equally busy. For now, I sacrifice going to their school, interviewing them, taking original pictures and videos of them.

I also sell their earnings for them and transfers the fiat to her for the welfare of the school.

Please I’ll love if you can sponsor them sir @emergent_reasons

I’m your friend Max

Maybe I can make some pictures and videos with her to clarify things.

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2 years ago

You are Max! Can you make a small post on your personal account to confirm this?

Also do you have a link to the updates on steemit? I am not sure how to find things there.

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2 years ago

Okay 👌 I’ll do a small post as you said. Meanwhile I’ll love to visit them (Gloriouskids) tomorrow to take some pictures with Mrs Justina and her kids specially for the article as you’ve requested.

I hope the unrest in Nigeria 🇳🇬 right now, coupled with curfew in my state will permit me to archive that tomorrow.

Thanks for your sincere support and friendly enquiries dear @emergent_reasons

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2 years ago