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My children are helpless because of my recent illness

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1 year ago

I’m praying for a fast recovery over a high blood pressure.

Remember the 3rd Commandment: Do not misuse the name of the Lord our God. [Exodus 20]

The name of God should be honored in purity and righteousness, his name is great and mighty. At the mention of his name, mountains melts like wax.

I called his name, not in vain but for help in this this time of need. I need healing for my body.

I was struck few days ago by unknown sickness which pushed my dawn at an express road. I was rushed to the hospital, and behold, the doctor confirmed that I almost had stroke because of high level of blood pressure.

I’m still taking my medication till now. I broke my wrist in the process. But I trust God for healing.

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I left my children in the hands of other teachers as I go through this ugly time. I’m not too bad; I’m responding to treatment anyway.

And today I prayed from my sickbed, looking unto God for a fix. I sent words and heart blessing to Golden Censer. In return I got this wonderful message on the sacredness of God’s name. I’m blessed.

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Written by   4
1 year ago
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