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DOWSING for Water 💧 ~ Bitcoin Cash Merchant🇨🇱 Guarantees 100% Precision Using Ancestral Method

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With so many technological advances we may loose sight of how simple, efficient, and effective certain ancestral methods can be at solving problems. Many would irrationally discredit anything that cannot be measured with industrialized devices or proven by hard science.

Many do not understand that if ancestral methods are not executed with the mastery, sensitivity and the experiential training required for consistent reading, the results will not be reliable. And unfortunately, under the veil of ignorance, the baby gets thrown out with the bath water, mocking and ridiculing those who do carry authentic, skilled, practical ancestral knowledge forward in their communities.

Ramona with Norias Napagua dowsing for water outside of Liceo Carlos Condell de la Haza in Talca

Don Ángel, founder of Norias Napagua, and his team, have endured it all. Yet his focus remains in results. To determine where to dig exactly is an interdisciplinary process that applies knowledge relating to water detection and observable geology.
Digging a hole to find water is one thing. Building a water well and wheel that will last over 50 years to a century without needing to be redone, is an accomplishment in and of itself.

And there is more!
Think of finding an underwater source that can keep a steady, abundant enough flow to meet the needs of a growing community and/or city throughout time. Think of not having to clean fallen out debris from inside an incorrectly tubed hole in the Earth that is constantly filling up with water. Think of not perforating through layers of soil in a way that will alter groundwater pressure to the point of negatively impacting surrounding ecosystems when this vital resource no longer has oomph to travel into entire regions for having lost its natural pressure level. Think clean, truly sustainably harvested water that can, yes, sustain life throughout multiple generations... Think Norias Napagua using their ancestral methods and fine craft to merge ancient technology with modern, industrialized advances to serve families, neighborhoods and even large cities with an adaptable, fitting, ecologically sustainable approach to groundwater💦 harvesting.

Norias Napagua is a newly onboarded Bitcoin Cash friendly company in Chile who has searched for groundwater using the dowsing method, with 100% precision, for more than 40 years. Don Ángel's expertise makes reading water dowsing results a replicable process capable of accurately tracing underground currents, discovering the direction of different water layers, their width, flow and much more. Trusting 100% in his data from dowsing, and his applied knowledge, Norias Napagua unquestionably proceeds to invest millions of Chilean Pesos of their own until water, at the desired flow rate, has been found. This is what 100% Precision means to them. It's 0% fear that they won't reach the exact results indicated by their dowsing methods and readings.

Don Ángel holding up his wallet

Their stories are many. One worth mentioning here is when Don Ángel, over 2 decades ago, was summoned by a demoralized contracting party to an area called San Ramón, near Constitución, in Chile. Skeptical of ever achieving any positive results, they challenged Norias Napagua to a large expensive job that would only be reimbursed if they found water at their desired flow rate. They warned Don Ángel that three other companies had attempted the same and failed in their markings for a drilling point despite using geophysical instruments, satellite and other dowsers. Their errors had costed them a fortune. And his small, family owned business could collapse if he were to pointlessly dig into the water table without any results.

Confident in his craft and team, Don Ángel accepted the challenge. He arrived onsite to redo and correct old marking and readings from even the most advance technology available at the time. By now you can already imagine how this story ends. Norias Napagua succeeded in brining water to a community of roughly 1,000 people located in this region where there is almost no water anywhere near.

Again, this is what 100% Precision means to them. It's 0% fear that they won't reach the exact results indicated by their dowsing methods and readings.

Here you can read the Flipstarter campaign organized by the Global Bitcoin Cash Team that made this project a reality. As you can calculate, volatility has negatively affected the budget to cover all expenses. We hope to find creative ways to continue to see our goals through in Chile with the children of Liceo Carlos Condell de la Haza in Talca.

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1 month ago
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