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Why would you be Sorry for being Imperfect?

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7 months ago

Human is a perfect creation of God but we have different preferences when we talk about beauty and perfection.

Some might not like having a dark skin while others would love it. That is why you see a lot of women buying glutathione soap or going to dermatologist so they can see what might work for them. Others would even dare getting surgeries just to get that satisfaction and be called perfect!

But who cares, right? Whatever we do as long as we are not hurting anyone or stepping on other people's shoe so be it! But these were all in physical aspects.

There are some people though that would keep on apologizing for not being perfect. Like they would say sorry for not knowing how to cook, for not being intelligent, for not being the best performer.

For one, I grew up hearing my grandpa saying that all the women needs to learn how to cook, clean the house and take good care of her husband so as her children but we have different perspective. I believe though that our preferences are also affected by our culture and how we are raised. Back when Philippines is under the colony of Spanish they were taught that women are fit to do house chores and be left at home while the men are the only one who has the right to go to School and so growing up the women on those generations are really advised to learn a lot.

My grandma is best with cooking, she knows how to sew as well. I remembered we had this old type sewing machine before that my grandpa sold when my grandma died. Then she is also best with washing clothes and cleaning the house. I cannot remember any day that she is out of her daily routine not until she got sick. Everyday, she would wake up at 3am to fetch water then she would cook and prepare food for my grandpa and her children including my mom of course then once all set for breakfast she would then start to scrub the floor and wipe the windows. At times she would have to move fast especially when it is her schedule to wash the clothes.

She is so good at being a wife. She would even assist my grandpa fishing despite her gender.

On the other hand, other people are not content of what they have be it physically or material things they achieved because they get affected with how other people criticize them. You see ladies or even men trying to engage with cosmetic surgeries because they feel like they are ugly or not good enough. We have this obsession of feeling like we belong to everyone and we think that when we are at our best people would never reject us or treat us like an outcast but really we never had to exert so much for people who cares for us.

Please do not get me wrong, I am not criticizing those who undergo surgeries. That is their choice but we have to really start not getting affected with others criticism especially when it starts to embarrass us. Criticism is good when address properly but not to the extent that it will cause you trauma that would lead you to do so much in your body just to look good and feel good.

I see men and women apologizing for not being enough and not being the one they look for. I see students crying because they did not meet their parents expectations.

...end thoughts...

I write this article to remind you that in the eyes of God you are AWESOME, PERFECT and WONDERFUL!

When there is criticism let it be a motivation to do better but never make it to a point that you go beyond harming yourself just to look perfect.

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Written by Β Β 245
7 months ago
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