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Things that Require ZERO Talent

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Written by Β Β 170
1 month ago

Life is only complicated when we complicate things. But yeah there are really things that we like to do or want that we cannot have.

At times I go by this quote,"If you cannot get what you want, then want what you can get".

Forcing things to happen can either do good or bad but in most cases it is the latter so we would have to make sure we calculate risks before taking any. Be wise with decision making.

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Now here are some of the things that we can do to make our life less complicated:

Being on TIME

  • As Filipino we have this what we call Filipino Time where people would arrive late. Say that your agreed time to meet was 5pm then at 5pm it is when they would start to take a bath arriving at 7pm instead. (LOL!)


  • In work environment you have to do what needs to be done and mingle with your colleagues in a way that they do not feel like you act some kind of an owner of the Company instead of an employee like them. Attitude matters!

  • It does matter if people likes you because if a lot don't then there's somsthing wrong with how you treat others.

Effort and Energy

  • If you want something or say you want to do something or agreed on doing it then exert effort and energy other than showing that you are just forced to agree with it.

Body Language

  • Understanding someone's body language who matters to you is something! If you exert effort and energy to know them well because of the fact that you love them then it is way definitely a plus! And please continue to be consistent.


  • Doing what you love matters, what more if your work is related to what you love doing! Know yourself and find ways to know your passion. We never can tell if that is going to be a way for you to earn or be stress free.

Doing Extra

  • Some people have this attitude to only do what they are paid to get done not looking at other things to do what is needed as a team or who needs help. Doing extra can lead to success and it does not hurt if you extend some help. It is a plus points in heave ya know! (Lol!)

Be Prepared

  • Whenever you have work to do make sure to do it right away so in case something comes up you can still do revisions and think of ways on how to make it better.

Being Coachable

  • At times I say that this generation is difficult. Whenever I handle some colleagues and share my insights its hard for them to accept feedback. Either they get angry and not talk to me or they become sarcastic.

...end thoughts...

These does not require much intelligence and even talent to be exerted. But these are most of the things that are difficult for human to exert.

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Written by Β Β 170
1 month ago
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