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The reality outside University

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Written by Β Β 105
1 month ago

Way back when everything was normal, every March we would have set of graduates in our country. Classes would start Month of June and ends usually in March. Every March there will be huge number of students who just graduated that would aim to lend a job. But there are some of them who wouldn't want to be "JUST" a call center agent.

I usually post from different Facebook group about our company and that we are hiring most especially if the recruiter would tell me that they need bunch of hires. It is beneficial for me because I could get a referral bonus once the person I referred to or applied under my name would get hired but other than the benefit is I also aim to help fresh graduates. I send them tips and ideas about job interview possible questions, how to answer, what to search and most especially what are the possible items in the assessments. With this at least they have idea as to how a call center application process would take place.

One of the conversation I had with an aspiring applicant.

Not even once did I receive the statement, "I am sorry ma'am but I don't want to be JUST a call center agent".

Pretty much fine with me, I always wish them luck instead since it would also be so hard to pursue an applicants interest if they are not interested. But a couple of weeks or a month later, they would ping me back and ask if my offer still stands because they have not found a job at all and that they badly need it to support their family, etc.

One thing that I would like to advice on these aspiring people who graduated be it with flying colors or not is that the real world is different from school. If in school you are allowed to excel in a field where you are the best but in the real world if your Degree Program or course is Education there can be a possibility that you won't be a teacher and would end up working as a call center agent or office clerk or service crew. Of course that is totally fine not unless your family has too much expectation from you.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

When I graduated from College I thought that it is going to be so easy for me to lend a job. Well indeed, I got a job just few days after graduation but before I actually graduated I started to apply to companies that are in need of Accounting Clerk or Office Clerk or Bookkeeper maybe but to no avail they would always end up telling me, " We will just give you a ring once we reviewed your application" and oh, that is after looking at my resume and saw that I am a fresh graduate and does not have any job experience other than my On-the-Job-Training which can't be counted because they were looking for people who has experience on the field.

Source: Unsplash

It has been frustrating on our part because how can we gain an experience if they won't hire us, right?

One of my high school classmate chatted me and asked if I am looking for a job and when I said yes she referred me, to Call center company. then I passed the process and it is where I am still working right now, the rest is history.

But really, applying for a job for me seems like you would have a "LUCK" other than the skills that you can offer because they would look more into the experience.

I knew one person who decided to go abroad even though he doesn't want to leave his family because ever since he graduated he was only hired once and it was contractual. After the contract, he got no job. So he tried his luck and applied to a certain agency which luckily he passed and had to process a lot of things and documents as well. He would have to loan and lend money to some friends just to make sure he can still support his family while processing his papers and went abroad with the courage and dreams to build a better life for his family despite that it is not what his heart wanted to.

What are the disadvantages and advantages of being an OFW?

Let us talk about the advantages first:

  • Bigger Salary - in most cases this is the reason why my fellowmen would want to be an OFW. Of course who would want to stay away from their family if not for striving hard in order to support them?

  • Experience living on a different country/Adventure - if you are someone who loves adventure and travel then this could also be one of your reasons.

  • Migrate and find a great place to start anew with your family -mostly people would want to migrate with their family and that only happens when they become a citizen so they could have a chance to get all the members of your familyso they could live with you.

Now, down to the disadvantages:

  • Broken Family - if you already have a family of your own there is a big possibility that this may also happen to you that is if you or your partner would get tempted to engage in to a third party or the reason can be due to miscommunication.

  • Homesickness/Longingness - this can lead into anxiety worse depression.

  • Danger of getting rape/abused - this has been an on going issue as some OFWs are being raped on the other countries especially those who are working as a DH.

Note: I have not been able to input everything. I'd be more than glad if you can add more. I based these details with what I can observe with those people I knew.

Some employers would demand for a college graduate but would only give you a salary of $6-$8 per day and you'll get paid every 15th and 30th of the month.

Now I wonder, in your country, how much is your minimum wage earning? Do you have a minimum wage? Do you have benefits?

To be honest, I am curious as to how it would feel to work on other country but I can't imagine being away from my daughters for years or so. And I salute all the OFWs who are striving despite being away from their family. You are all doing a great job!

Thank you for reading this article! And I would like to add up: If you are staying at home, earning and enjoying the comfort with your family then LOVE YOUR JOB because not all people is as lucky as you are.

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Written by Β Β 105
1 month ago
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It never came to my mind to work abroad, I am happy here in our country, happy with my family. But I would like to have an opportunity of studying abroad. I hope some time. A call center job is a noble job, in the time of pandemic, call centers are really a big help in the economy. I have students who are working in call centers for a long time. It still depends on how you value your job other than the people's perspectives.

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1 month ago

Hello @MizLhaine :) thank you for your comment and for dropping by.

I couldn't agree more about what you mentioned regards to call center job. I am also happy that I wouldnt have to go abroad to earn for a living though I also have this thoughts of what ifs whenever I try to imagine myself working abroad.

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1 month ago

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1 month ago

Hello Max! OMG! I appreciate that you choose a Filipino to work with you. There are indeed a lot of my people trying to do part time jobs in order to support their family more. There are others as well who couldn't find one because of the high standards that employers set. It is always a challenge for everyone to apply or even look for better opportunities. Thank you for doin so.

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1 month ago