The Last Empress: Blame it to the Adults

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I have been binge watching in Netflix. Just recently, I watched THE LAST EMPRESS.

I love the plot of this story and the suspense. Though, I am not someone who is into these genre but I find myself get mesmerized so as excited of what may happen next?

This particular series teaches you the following:

  • Great power comes with responsibility

Some people tends to be so greedy with power because they know they can manipulate things at their advantage. Some would even kill for power but human nature that when all else becomes a mess they would look for a person to point their dirty finger.

  • What goes around comes back around

I always believe that Karma is a bitch and it is definitely real! Whatever you do to your life it will boomerang. We may not know when karma would happen that is why we better live up to the good teachings so we could get good karma instead of bad. The more you do good the calmer the waves in life.

  • Without trust, love is nothing

It is really hard to be with someone you cannot trust. It is hard to see the one you love betraying you but you cannot just turn around and leave because you responsibilities on your shoulder. That is why, now a days it is best to set boundaries and standards before getting into relationship.

  • Money can do everything but it is not evil

Money is not the root of all evil, humans are evil and they use money to do bad deeds. I am amaze how money can twist things. It can even do fake evidences that would frame innocent people.

  • Evil will never win

Even when how evil strives hard it will never win against the good. Even when they come up with a fake evidence just to frame up and innocent person.

  • Blame it to the Adults

Lastly, is this phrase,"blame it to the adults". I always believe that we are accountable to whatever we do especially when there are kids. We should always be mindful with the way we talk and deal with our temper not to show or let those kids hear anything bad because they will eventually follow it. Adults can be blamed if a child grow up to be someone who do unrighteous things and won't go to the right path. As what others would say,"discipline starts at home". Indeed, a child who was disciplined well should be able to bring that quality anywhere he or she goes.

  • Justice prevails

Even when it is hard to get one, at the end justice always prevails.

I always believe that justice won't always serve those who are born with a golden spoon. There will always be people who would go after what is right.

...end thoughts...

I don't want to spoil anyone with how the series goes but I can say is, if you love suspense and thrill then this one's for you.

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