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Team Building 2022 #Glamping

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1 month ago

It has been two years since we felt totally free. Pandemic brought so much negativity and limits to the whole world but now that we are starting to see the light at the end of such a dark tunnel me and my colleagues at work decided to finally make our team building happen!

The plan is been long overdue. It was postponed since pandemic and funds were ready so that anytime we could set things, but with the experiences we had like those lockdowns and all that,there were so much restrictions and protocols implemented.

So when everything seems back to normal we started talking about it and boom!

Let me give you a tour to our glamping place, "The Greenland Cabins".

This is located in Consolacion Cebu just 5 minutes drive from SM Consolacion and an hour and 30 minutes away from Cebu City.

The place is really nice and you can definitely sense the nature plus it will only be exclusive for you and your teammates which is a plus for me.

It was such a great weekend to be there with the people who I considered as friends and family.

Talking about amenities as long as you go there with 8-10 groups you wouldn't need to bring anything other than the food that you need to cook even some ingredients are also there and what I love the most is the native vibe that the place gives you.

Here are some of a few clicks I got combined from me and my colleagues:

The staff would actually set up a bonfire for you.
Here's the kitchen. We can grill, cook food. There is rice cooker as well as oven and mini fridge.
Here's another place to chill and do chika. You can also watch some movies through connecting your device in the projector.

But wait there's more! Of course I know that as you love nature you would also like to enjoy swimming and they have a pool too!

Here's their mini pool. It is nice to do overnight swimming in here.
The CR though is not that close since it is made of bamboo and other native materials someone can take a peek from the outside but if you are with friends and family that you can trust then there is nothing to worry about.

Here's an honest feedback, the place is nice and very convenient especially that it is near the City but since it is not located in the mountain or something like that it isn't cold in there. Good thing they have some fan that could cool down the room.

Also, things to remember if you plan to have your family gathering or team building in there are the following:

  • Check in is 2PM, Check out is 11AM the next day.

  • Down payment upon reservation or better yet fully paid.

  • Make sure to bring your IDs and provide honest list and number of people with you.

  • You can bring your pets.

  • Clean as you go.

  • Better if you have a car or service for more convenient travel.

If you want to check and ask for the price please ping them on their FACEBOOK page. More details and reviews are listed on the page. Kindly scroll up for the link.

...end thoughts...

All in all it was good to be there with my teammates and it felt great to have such a place for those kinds of memories. It is so spacious so we were able to have some fun games.

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Written by Β Β 231
1 month ago
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You are right that the pandemic has brought so much negativity and limitation around the world. That place located in cebu is amazing, and your day looks like a happy sis!

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1 month ago

Wahhh sana lahat nakapamasyal na 🀩. And it looks so beautiful in there. With friends or partner mukhang kahit sino kasama mo pwdng pwd jan. Ped ding e date πŸ₯°πŸ€©πŸ€©

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1 month ago

Wow, Glez bet ko yang glamping! Ang ganda ng place. Tia will surely enjoy the minipool! Para saken din yan lol.

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1 month ago