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Privacy and Security: Gmail

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2 months ago

Now a days having an email is very important. It is one of the things needed when applying for a job and when COVID19 hit the country everything goes virtual.

Email plays a significant role especially if your field is in line to the corporate world. It is much needed for you to have a professional email so you could get to receive important updates about anything related to work or if you are applying for a job then you could either send your application or resume via email and when hired you can also send scanned documents using your e-mail.

Gmail is built by Google company and we can never deny that most of the people already has it and needed it.

Other than work related reasons, keeping an email or having an email account is important to keep your accounts secured.

For one, FACEBOOK.

Call me weird or security freak but actually I maintain 3 gmail accounts and I added it on Facebook to make sure no one gets to hack my account easily oh well not unless they would know how to get the into the 3 gmail accounts plus 2 mobile numbers. LOL!

Next is my and

Both of these accounts has different emails and whenever I receive any notification from any of these it would go directly to my email. What I love about this is that if I forget my password which I often do I can just easily access it using my gmail and do password reset.

My Online Wallets are link to my gmails as well:

  • Gcash

  • Paymaya

  • Coins PH

  • Metamask

  • Atomic for NFT


  • Binance

Imagine how will I end up if all of these gets hack or if I would forget the password of any of these? Even my work wallet is also linked to my personal emails in case I received any incentive it would be easier for me to transfer it to my Paymaya account.

Just to share, earlier today someone invited me to a certain application where you could earn and I want it linked to my gmail as usual. It is just that I cannot get on to my gmail because just a month ago I changed all my passwords and as I mentioned above if I do that the usual scenario is I would forget the password too especially that when we have smart phones it would just automatically login. We won't be asked for password anymore not unless we buy a new phone.

So for everyone who does not know how I would like to show you some steps. Also, as early as now I would suggest you put some recovery options in order to retrieve your account in case you may forget your password.

  1. Access GMAIL through your COMPUTER.

  1. Then click on the picture on the upper left in case you did not uploaded anything it should just show like a blank person icon.

3. Then click on Manage Account.

  1. You will then directed to your myaccount profile.

  1. If you like to change your password you may follow the screenshot below:

  2. You may also input recovery options from here:

Note: I intentionally removed my recovery phone and email so as some details that shows my personal information for security purposes.

Lead Image: Unsplash the rest are my own personal screenshots.

...end thoughts...

I am such very much concern to my accounts security. I do not even turn on my location in my phone nor let other apps access my messages or calls. Now a days getting information to someone is just one click away so we have to be careful of those that we share in social media. Even our pictures are tagged as ONLY ME in Facebook and I do not get to share much of my children's photo in there too.

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Written by Β Β 223
2 months ago
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You are right that email is important and we should also beware of hackers, I also learned something here while reading your article. And remember your password

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2 months ago

That is great to know dear that my article helps. Thank you so much for reading and dropping by.

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2 months ago

Remember in your password to always use both: small letters, capital letters, numbers and special characters as well (!@#$% etc.) This way it is secure. I had a gmail hacked many years ago, because I didn't understand how easy it was for hackers to break a password only containing numbers and low letters.

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2 months ago

Indeed !Wew I can't imagine in case I may experience that. Since my field is somewhat related to IT we view hackers as people who are great when it comes to programming but when someone has already the intention to steal money or identity that is a different story.

I also keep my password strength strong and not related to my name because that would make it hard for someone to even guess it.

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2 months ago