Practical Gift Ideas this Christmas Season

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Christmas is fast approaching!

I am excited to see what's store for us prepared by our company. As what I have heard, there will be a big party for all the employees. I wish this time I could get to win raffle prizes, though I am really unlucky to those kind of stuff.

Christmas is that time of the year when we can show how much someone mean to us by gift giving. To others, this is such a solemn or important event because this is when family gatherings or reunion happens after a couple of months.

With the current situation of the market right now which is very unstable plus the inflation rate that everyone is been suffering for such higher prices of goods and services it is best to be practical. We never can tell what tomorrow might bring.

Here are some PRACTICAL GIFTS that you could give to your love one's.

  • Life and Health Insurance

I have been really aiming for this for my family especially my mom. She is not getting any older and securing one's life is not something because you wish them bad but this is to prepare for uncertainties.

Now a days, bawal magkasakit right? My Boss just got hospitalized, they were not entertained well because of the lack of manpower like nurses in the hospital plus it is full even though it was a private hospital.

Another reason why I find this practical is in case the member got hospitalized they will not be paying way too much of the bill.

  • Business/Pangkabuhayan Showcase

This may sound so funny but then if I am to receive or give a gift this is the most practical thing too. As long as this will be managed well then it will help the receiver for the rest of his or her life.

This need not big capital since we can all sell online for free. You can give the person an idea, little amount then he or she can start!

  • Livelihood Program Pass/Ticket

Ever since I want to join these type of sessions or events where you could get to learn new skills like baking, cooking, coffee making and a lot more! Because if you find these crafts fascinating you can surely turn this into profit!

  • Savings Fund

This is something that I would want to prepare for my children so when they turn to legal age they would have money of their own.

Savings is very important but a lot of people would tell me it is bad to save using piggy bank or coin bank because something bad may happen. I am not really a believer but then I wouldn't want to take risk so I would rather have savings for my kids by opening them a junior savings account. Hopefully I can fulfill this!

  • Advice

For me, this is one of the best and the most practical gift someone can give me. I would always love hearing stories about struggles turned success.

I love when people would share experiences and life lessons to me because it would also help me prepare when I get into the same situation or to avoid such situation.

...end thoughts...

Still whatever you can afford would be very appreciated for sure. It is really the thoughts that counts.

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Oh! Wishing that someome will giving me a pangkabuhayan showcaseπŸ™hihi. Its imposible naman na maybibiga niyan sa akin eh πŸ˜… Anyway ,ang gandang e gift niyan yung mga sinabi mo.

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1 year ago

Ahaha ako din eh pwd na din lahat sana ibigay wag na mahiys hahahaah

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