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My Journey to the MUNE

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3 weeks ago

NFT games have been such hype these few months. If you do not know it then I bet you may have been wandering around another universe lately. (LOL!)

I got interested in joining one, for the very obvious reason: Money.

Three months ago I got so curious about how it works and if it is not a scam.

I saw people posting their personal information on a comment section starting with infamous lines:

  • Good day Manager!

  • Hello Manager!

  • Dear Manager!

I do not post my details online for the reason that someone may take it. I am just careful not to engage in anything that may affect my peace.

Then that is when I realized how poverty and this pandemic have affected my countrymen to the extent of trying something they are not aware of and putting their identity at stake.

As a mom of two I dream to become one of those who they called "Scholars". But the path did not come easy for me. Since I am not a pro-player as I only play for leisure. It took me 3 months before I had the chance to be interviewed by the Manager. I was already given a heads up that the questions would be related to Axie Infinity which somehow added to my nervousness.

How did I become a Scholar?

I first joined the AXIE-BOXY GUILD Community in Discord. In my stay on that said community, I was able to observe and befriend different individuals. From strangers turned to virtual friends, the usual "how are you", turned to late-night talks until we learned about different reasons why each individual seek scholarship and what is behind their every "Good day Manager!".

Most of the aspirant scholars in BOXY GUILD were still studying while trying to find comfort with the stressful online classes and modules but other than that these individuals who are tagged as "the hope of our Nation" needs help to finish their studies and help their Family put food on their table. You see, life is not easy, being brainy won't be enough. You got to have not just a penny but thousands of money for the tuition fee. Yeah I know, because for one, I am not exempted from what they call, "Poverty". Good thing I became a City Scholar which made me graduate from college, but now, in the middle of the Pandemic a lot of people are affected which also made it more crucial for students who especially to those who belongs to the Lower Class Society to reach their dreams of becoming professional.

Then, one day I read an announcement that a new guild will be open. It will be a sister guild of Boxy which will be called MUNE GUILD. 

Since there has been so much competition in Boxy I decided to again start over and try my luck.

When I joined MUNE GUILD I was really just trying to see if I would have a chance but as the day passed by it became part of my system. Opening discord every single day I wake up and to check for updates. Chatting in #general_eop channel and messing around in voice channel. Then I realized why not give it a serious shot?

Here's our Facebook Page:

Here's our Discord Link:

When I say serious I have to study the game itself.

  • Card counting

  • Energy Counting

  • Arena

  • Adventure

  • Types/Kinds of Axies

  • The User Interface

But this cannot be mastered overnight so it took me a month before I get to familiarize the game but still I got no experience. I only get to ask questions and observe the Mentors and Streamers.

Then the most awaited day came.

September 20, 2021, at exactly 6:42 PM I was called for an Interview. The weirdest interview one could ever imagine! (LOL!) I got no make-up, I have not been able to even tie my hair properly nor wear a decent cloth because that moment when my phone rang I then saw the Managers and one of our Moderator.

So I was asked to introduced myself. Interview tip101: Sell yourself. 

Then, since I mentioned that I have been around for quite some time I was asked about what I have learned? So I answered my imaginary  Axie team composition together with the possible scenarios:

My own Team Composition

First Aqua is composed with the following:

Shell Jab 100 damage / 50 defense - can deal 130% damage to an idle target

Fish Hook 110 damage / 30 defense - apply additional attack to this axie when target is either plant, reptile or dusk.

Tail Slap - 0 energy / 30 damage / 0 defense - gain 1 energy when comboed with another card

Scale Dart 120 damage / 30 defense - draw a card if target is in last stand

Next in line is another Aqua which is double anemone:

Aqua Vitality 80 damage / 40 defense - restore 50 HP

Aquaphonics 80 damage / 40 defense - restore 50 HP

Crimson Water 130 damage / 20 - Target injured enemy if this Axie's HP is below 50%

Tail Slap 0 energy / 30 damage / 0 defense - gain 1 energy when comboed with another card

Lastly, Bird will be composed of the following:

All out shot 0 energy / 120 damage/ 0 defense - inflict 30% of this Axie's max HP to itself

Black Mail - 120 damage/ 10 defense - transfer all debuffs on this axie to the target

Peace Treaty - 120 damage/ 30 defense - apply attack - on target.

Headshot 130 damage/ 0 defense - disables targets horn

Note: Some details may have changed so for any update better check Axie Infity Website.

There were follow-up questions that we will only share with our aspirants. But there's this one question that made me think for a while.

What can you contribute to the community when you become a Scholar?

I have asked myself this question too a couple of times. I cannot just be a scholar and earn. And so I have answered:

I can guide the new aspirants to become One. Moreover, this might not be common but since most of our Scholars are Students who seek a home away from their own homes and busy life I can lend my ears to listen to them when they needed someone. Mental Health nowadays is important and being someone who has gone through hardships I can definitely advise these individuals.

Note: My statement here is not exactly the same per word but has the same meaning.

And so I ended the interview with a smile not because I was confident that I will be hired but because at least I TRIED. Gone are the WHAT IFs and BUTs. Whatever the result was may the BEST ASPIRANT WIN.

But then a message from our Manager that I have never ever imagined I will receive suddenly popped up:

Name shown on screenshot with permission.


Now I have access to the Scholars Channel. ♥

...end thoughts...

Que Sera Sera... Whatever will be... will be...

I am still in the trial stage and I know I am still under probationary but this is what I have always prayed for, and God just gave me my heart desires.

Hello, by the way this is GLEZ | MUNE in the world of Axie Infinity.

Here's a short poem I created for MUNE:

Whenever Im weary

I dont get to feel sorry

Because I can run to this community,

Whenever Im sad

I got no time to feel bad,

Because I have MUNE GUILD that makes me glad.

During at night I get to stay in voice chats

Mingle with strangers that turns to lads,

I was once a wanderer,

But when I found MUNE , I found HOME.

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Written by   165
3 weeks ago
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congrats in advance, i believe you're alreayd on the way... kapit lang hehe

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3 weeks ago

My gosh ang hirap pala talaga interview nang ibang guild, sa AxieBCH madali lang kabado pa kami ang bait ni coach Nazko hahaha

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3 weeks ago