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My Greatest Fantasy

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1 month ago (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)

When we talk about Fantasy what comes to your mind?

Sex? Dreams? Something impossible and unreachable?

Let me share to you my 5 Greatest Fantasies:

  1. Perform in a Concert

At times I daydream of dancing and singing in a concert. Yeah I am a frustrated dancer as fuck lol! Like seriously I dance way back in High School and College. I dream to become a star but it never happened. Every time I asked my mom or dad to have me join in a contest or in a school activity they won't allow me because we got no MONEY to buy costumes and props. In this type of industry you got to attend some workshops and enhance your talent so you could perform well but then again workshops were too expensive and we got no budget for that.

  1. Join into Pageantry

Yes I know I am such an ambitious woman but then it is one of my dreams to wear gowns, bikini's and show case it in front of the people. I daydream of wearing beautiful clothes and model it but my height is just 5' plus I am a fat woman so I got no chance on joining. I also do not have nice skin due to poverty that we can hardly even buy food to eat what more some beauty products right?

But it has been a dream I know I can never fulfill though it makes me feel sad but maybe I am not destined for it. Also my parents were not people of influence. We are just simple people living in a low class society. I have always admire those woman who has the beauty and brains so as guts to join in pageantry. I wish any of my kids can fulfill this fantasy but I won't force them though because I always believe that it is better to pursue you passion.

  1. Create a Music Video or Vlog

I am a fan of Ranz Kyle and Niana, if you do not know them you better try to search their names on Youtube, Facebook or Tiktok. They are siblings who usually uploads videos dancing especially with those music that are on trend. I sometimes questioned myself, what the hell did I do when I was little? (LOL!)

  1. Become Rich through Winning Lottery or through a Will of Testament

I sometimes have this fantasy or dream that hopefully I get to win a lottery a million or so and then I get to have a daydream and start to plan out what are the things I am going to buy with those money and who are the people that I will be sharing my money with or if I will build a charity for unfortunate children/family. Yes that is how my broad my imagination is and please do not judge me. (HAHA!)

I sometimes even dream that my Mom would tell me everything that came into our life was just a challenge and that we are really rich and owns an hacienda or something. (HAHA my gosh!)

  1. To be a BOSS

I fantasized being a sexy and badass business woman. I usually imagine myself getting down from a limou and people are bowing their heads in front and I have a Secretary walking with me while dictating my schedule and a P.A who gets to arrange things for me. Then I get home to a mansion with big pool and swim just to relieve some stress with maids all over. Yeah that is how watching movies I guess influenced me and reading pocket books.

I got so much fantasy but these were the greatest! If only we are rich I may also have joined Taekwondo class or some sports but then being competitive is never easy so I have to just sit back and be contented on what my parents can provide. It is also hard to even run some errands whenever you are a girl before so I do not get any chance to earn at least a little to support my talent or dream.

Today, I what I only wanted is for my kids to reach their goals and be on an industry that they have passion for so it won't burn them out and would make them live life to the fullest. On top of these fantasy I end up being a mom and there is nothing so much that I can dream of but to provide the needs of my kids.

...end thoughts...

Do you also have any greatest fantasy? You may write an article for it and tag me or comment down. Do not hesitate to share your thoughts. :)

Note: Image Source from Unsplash

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Written by Β Β 161
1 month ago (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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I should be making mine as well, I love the idea behind the article.

Some of these things look unachievable but trust me if I say you can still achieve some as well if you really want to do. I am glad you have decided to give your kids the best since you weren't able to do those things.

This is interesting.

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1 month ago

Thank you for your thought dear. Go ahead and i will be glad to read it :)

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3 weeks ago

I will tag you, be expecting it soon.

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3 weeks ago

On the winning the lottery thing, I can only say that I do play. But of course I do. We have two big multi state lotteries here in the U.S. The MegaMillions and the Powerball, and they get pretty high. Right now the jackpots are $432 million and $472 million respectively. And I'd love to get my hands on that money. Only $2 a ticket to boot? A drop in the bucket.

But I know I will probably never win. The odds are just too great. But of course I can't win if I don't play, so I do.

But when it comes to money and wealth, I am not one to sit around and wait for it either. I work hard, I spend frugally and I save and invest my money. For me it is the only way to do it short of starting my own company.

I have wealth now. But I will never have enough wealth to satisfy me. And so no matter how much I have I will always want more, and will never stop going after getting it.

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4 weeks ago

I believe that would always be the human nature. To want more despite having enough and I cannot blame you for that. Life is just way too hard to live and at times I can think about what ifs like what if I have a lot of money, what if I can do this, what if I can buy this and so on... But at the end of the day those fantasies keep us going.

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3 weeks ago

As they say, the rich do not become rich waiting for it. They become rich working very hard for it, and never stop trying. :)

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3 weeks ago