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How do you define Success?

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1 year ago

Have you ever ask yourself if you are already successful?

How do you define it on your own words?

Why did I ask?

We have to get a clear understanding as to what we mean by success so we would know which path should we take and if we are actually on the right track.

At first I thought that most people would tell me that success is when you become rich, you can buy whatever you want and travel the whole world with an all expense paid, but it's not. Believe it or not there are different definition of success to every individuals.

So I asked a few individuals to answer this question below:

Success means to a Student:

For me, success is when I finally get a hold of my diploma. Walk down the aisle going to stage with my parents.

Success means to a Minimum Wage Worker:

Success for me is to have a salary increase enough for me to buy the needs of my family and be debt free.

Success means to a House Wife:

Seeing my husband and children happy then thats already success for me.

Success means to a Granny:

I just want to see my kids, my legacy happy before I die. That is more than enough for me.

Success means to a Vlogger:

Be known and have a lot of followers. Receive that Gold Play button in Youtube!

Success means to a Teacher:

See my students of today have their own profession.

Many people would think that being successful comes easy.

For one, you might see a CEO and think he is already successful just because he has a company to run to, a car, a house and a way of living to die for but for him living away from the busy city without having an alarm or an employee to bug them with a left and right meeting, without thinking about the need to make sure their business remains standing since they have thousands of employees is going to be success for them.

Success is just a "tip of an iceberg".

You see people who looks good, has your dream job and has everything that you define a successful person but you would never see the persons:

  • Failure

  • Sacrifice

  • Persistence

  • Embarassment

  • Disappointment

  • Hard work

  • Discipline

  • Dedication

In the office, most of the people who got promoted were much dedicated to their jobs. As dedicated as staying beyond their scheduled shift or beyond 8 hours without pay.

It will never come easy.

  • You will encounter rejection/failure but you have to work hard and be persistent. If you are really aiming to be on that particular path or position then work hard.

  • Know what are the areas of improvement and how could you go about implementing those that you have learned.

  • Formulate an action plan, if plan A didn't work then proceed to Plan B and if possible prepare for back up plans to Plan Z.

  • One best thing about working through success is discipline. Say for example, if you are aiming to lose wait then you have to discipline yourself with eating junk foods and other goods that may go against yiur goal.


Success would mean differently to every individual. Be it because of what they experience, lifestyle and or how are they raised.

We have different goals in life and it is not just a monetary value that drives people to become successful. There is so much more than money.

We define success in many ways than one but the question is: Do you know how to get there?

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Thank you Dearie for reading this article. Having you around is one part of my success. For one, I never thought someone would have an interest with my articles here. So I am hoping to engage with you.

Share any thoughts you have or anything you might wanna add up.

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Written by Β Β 222
1 year ago
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Ako madam πŸ™‹, success is when kwash finally notice me πŸ˜•. Pero seriously speaking. Success, ung nong unang sabak ko sa, kala ko di ako magiging successful tapos after more time here. I think, I can say na successful na ako? Sana lang mag tuloy tuloy. Kahit na baga di ganon kaganda ang sulat ko, pero nag success pa rin πŸ™ˆ

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1 year ago

Abaa oo naman. The fulfillment feeling and yung peace of mind madame. πŸ˜‰

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1 year ago