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Every Cents Counts

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1 month ago

It is a GROCERY DAY today and while I was paying all the goods that I bought the cashier mentioned if I have 10 cents. When I told her I don't have she asked:

"Ma'am is it fine if I can't give you the 90 cents? I really got no coins here."

I looked at her eyes and then turn to see that there are a lot of customers waiting so I just decided to shrug it off. See receipt below:

Source: Mine

I am supposed to receive 27 pesos and 90 cents but only got 27 pesos. Way before most of the stores or vendors in our country would give you a candy instead of some cents as a change saying they don't have coins and that is one BUSINESS STRATEGY.

As per my professor way back in college, that was a business strategy though now it has been prohibited but way before that is how it is. You are given CANDY as a change. Imagine how many customers would they have in a day and every cents would not be given to those customers then it is gonna be added to the business profit.


My mom told me one time as well that the cashiers in Malls or Supermarkets are DEDUCTED in their SALARY if the amount that they have punched on their computer is not the same with the amount that is on their Cash box. And their are really cases they tell customers that they don't have any coins when they already have a difference on the half a day calculation.

I asked her how come she knows that, she answered because she was once a sales lady and a cashier.

Another thing that she shared which I would like to mention and share is that do not ever believe with SALE. Knowing that it is a business the mall or market have already earned profit from a certain products many times and there are cases that even when they call it a SALE they are earning much more. They usually change the price tags at the storage room they can see that there are even products that increased in price instead of decreased because they announced that it is supposed to be a SALE. Well business is business and tycoons would do any trick to attract consumers that's normal. Just be careful and don't rush buying things just because it is on sale.


I may have been around and for two months but I still felt like I have so much to learn most especially that there seems to be new coins or crypto that are comin out. Each day I get to read or learn new terms such as NFTs, WAIFU, SWEET COIN, ALICE, ETH and etc, which can sometimes be so overwhelming. I would have loved to go with the pace but I can't because for one, I would have to buy a laptop.

Yep a laptop. I just can't keep on using my phone while doing all these learnings because I want to explore more, download and see for myself how a certain wallet or platform works but my phone is already full. I believe in time I can fulfill that need if I would just have to be consistently active in both platforms.

But even by just simply using my phone I am learning how BCH market works and I want to play with it for now so I can see for myself if my thoughts or predictions are accurate.

Now if you may ask if I have any chart or portfolio? NONE. I don't have any. What I am currently using are both BITCOIN.COM and my COINS.PH wallet.

How am I learning?

I am using what I have learned from my Accounting subjects during my college days. In business, every cents counts especially if you are just starting and I am still driven with the, "TRADE WHAT YOU CAN LOSE" thought. I want to see if how am I learning and self-assess while trying to absorb all the new things and new terms I am encountering in this platform.

So what I usually practice is (though of course may depend if I am awake and not busy) the moment that there is a movement even just for a single cent in the market I would keep an eye on it and see if it drops more to more than .50 as long as it is still GREEN in the chart then I will start to convert my BCH to our fiat. Then once it starts again to show consistent increase even just for cents then I will start to convert our fiat to BCH. For this, the chart should remaind RED before I do so in order for me buy BCH at a lower price.

Let me site some example to better explain it:

Say that I have $12.50 in my BCH wallet. And I noticed that the cents or indicative price of BCH is going up I will then start to keep an eye on my principal amount if it goes up. If it did and I start to gain profit then I will take note on how much is the profit and if it starts to go down for a couple of cents consecutively then I will convert my profit into our own fiat. (This only depends tho if I gained more than $1).

Now, say that it drops more and shows like the CHART is RED say around 5% or so then I will start to ADD more on my HODLED amount but that is only IF I have noticed that the cents or decimal is showing an increase CONSECUTIVELY.

Source: Wallet
Source: Coins.Ph Wallet
Source: Wallet

Another thing that I am taking into consideration is the market trend or chart of BITCOIN. Most of the time (as what I noticed), BITCOIN CASH would follow its trend.

Hmmm... It may be hard to understand though since I am still learning and I bet this is not how the HODLERS do it especially those who have been in this set up for years but as I am still really observing and tryin to see for myself how the market works.

Disclaimer: I am not saying that this should work for everyone and I am not talking as an expert here but this is how I started. Please excuse my lack of knowledge. I am still a work in progress.

So there, that is how I deal with my hodled BCH. Thank you so much for reading. Truly appreciate it. Care to leave a comment or any suggestions? I'd love to interact with you guys! Have a great day!

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Written by Β Β 104
1 month ago
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I am still not very knowledgeable on this subject, I am a novice. Soon I will start my investments and I will bring them to my articles.

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1 month ago

Even me my friend I just knew about this platform 2 mos ago and thats the same month I learned about cryptocurrencies that sometimes gets me overwhelmed.

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1 month ago