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Easy DIY, Fix, Repair dark, weak, flickering or dead SMD LED lightbulb

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1 week ago
SMD LED lightbulb

The problem:

The SMD LED lightbulb is very weak and dark or just dead. Sometimes it also can flicker.

The tools:

  • soldering iron

  • solder

  • screwdriver

  • pliers

The solution:

Remove the bulb from the base with the pliers. My bulb was only clipped to the base.

Then look for the dead SMD LED element. Usually it has a tiny dark brown or black dot in the middle. There can be multiple dead elements.

Carefully remove the yellow SMD LED element with a screwdriver and expose the 2 metal contacts.

Connect the 2 metal contacts with the soldering iron and a little solder.

Repeat this for all dead SMD LED elements.

Attach the bulb back to the base.


Dead SMD LED element (red arrow) with tiny brown, black dot
Exposed 2 metal contacts (separated by the white column)
Connected metal contacts

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Written by   2
1 week ago
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