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How can you tell that your inside depression?

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1 year ago
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As a young teenage mother I straggle so much in my life. Being raised by my Grandparents ,Yes! they raised me well they give what I need and wanted.

But behind those kindness infront off other people is a big lie...

And now here are some of my experience I want to share with you that how can you tell that your inside depression ?

▪️ I think the first one in my list is this

You don't want to be with someone else or share your problem's your on through even to your close friends or Family members.

▪️ When your grades are dropping because it is better to be with friend hanging out while drinking alcohol and a smoke on your hands and a little bit try off some drugs .Yes with friends you can feel that your not alone and just a moment you can forget your illness.

▪️ After hanging out and your too drunk you just found your self crying out loud alone in the dark or in nowhere. Just thinking what's wrong with you?

▪️ Start losing your self and didnt notice that your hurting your body using some blades or knife or just trying to hang your self.

Yes Its really hard being depressed. This is just some off my experience and I hope this will help you too..

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