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Seal of Magic II

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5 months ago

The long walk to the meeting venue, which was the meeting hall of the elders, was made even longer by the deafening silence that followed the little bandwagon of myself and the three guards that were sent to summon me.

It was barely at the brink of dawn, and the inhabitants of the walled city still slept. It was a perfect setting for a secret execution, and I was in no doubt of the lengths the elders would go to in order to preserve the secrets of this city. That was why I had six-throw knives hidden under my clothing.

There was no way I would kill all of them, but I wasn’t going out without a fight. The deaths of the city’s best archer and some of the elders could not be covered up.

"Sit down," Panthera said. The Chief Speaker, and one of the fiercest warriors in our city, she was someone I respected... and feared. She wasn't even up to 45, but her exploits in battle had elevated her not only to the position of War general, but she also sat at the table of elders and had a say in key decisions.

I sat upright calmly, intertwining my arms and looking on. She hit her spear on the ground, and then the King spoke up, signaling the start of the meeting.

"This meeting here has been called to discuss the events of yesterday, Leo."

It was a statement, but the intonation and atmosphere made me realize that a response was required of me. I decided to play it safe at first, not giving away that I felt what I did carry any weight or importance.

"That being the hunt? It went well. I managed to kill a stag and..."

"Playing dumb would be the most foolish thing to do at this point," Panthera snarled. "We don't have patience here."

I sobered up quickly. She wasn't in the mood. Panthera and my late mother were good friends, so she had a soft spot for me. That didn't mean she didn't check me when I was messing up.

"Then from your stared both now and yesterday evening, I take it that you are referring to my coming through the North Gate..."

Their looks only shifted slightly. The look of admonition on Panthera's face told me that I was pushing my luck a bit too far.

"...oh, and maybe the fact that I saw the Ocular Pentagrammic Grim Seal?"

Panthera's eyes grew wider, and her mouth fell open. The King stood up immediately, as did Azael, a man who was known as the only sorcerer in the village. He was also in charge of the corps that made sure that magic and magical artifacts did not exist in the city.

Azael boomed. "How did you know what that was?"

"I get out quite a lot. Maybe I did a little research while on my journeys?"

"That's forbidden!" the King said.

"Within Ascelpia, yes, it is. However, outside these walls, it's a different story altogether. Any knowledge acquired is within my rights and the limits of the law."

For a while, we were stuck in a deadlock, just staring at each other. Panthera's features softened, as she saw I wasn't exactly in the wrong, but it was obvious they were all thinking about what to do with me.

"If I may speak, I'd like to say that I'm not quite supportive of the approach Ascelpia has taken towards the Magic Issue. An explanation would have been a wiser option, rather than the arrests, secret executions, and all that. That only functions to generate more interest in the matter, like in my case."

"You're in no place to give any advice," one of the elders said ominously.

"While I'm very aware of that, I'm also aware of the situation at hand. You don't know what to do with me, and since that could change for the worst at any time, maybe I should get a few words in."

The King whispered something to Panthera, who nodded. Azael nodded vehemently in the negative, but Panthera stared him down icily. The King then turned to me.

"How much do you know?"

"A three-word chant and one human life could break the entire seal and release whatever is being kept under it. It's up to you to decide whether or not I know the chant."

They all looked petrified, knowing that I knew. A lot.

Azael finally found his words. "Your demands?"

"I'm in no position to make demands," I said humbly. "I know some of you, and what you're capable of, so I won't go looking for trouble now. All I knowledge. I want to know what's sealed under this city if you would be so generous."

They whispered amongst themselves for a while before deciding it was okay to tell me.

"We'll tell you these secrets, on the condition that you take a vow of secrecy."

I smiled. "That sounds fair."


To be continued.

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Written by   15
5 months ago
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it's good that i remembered what happened before this chapter but so short agaiiinnn

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5 months ago

I'm sorryyy, been a while hasn't it? Well I hope I can get longer episodes in when I'm not completely worn out

Thanks for the upvote btw, I appreciate

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5 months ago

it has UmU maybe a few weeks already? but you're busy with exams so it's pretty understandable UwU

don't be too hard on yourself ans try to get enough rest in. tell ozzyy that too

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5 months ago

We're done with those rn. Ozzy's been in and out of it for a while, he was sick last week I guess he's okay now

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5 months ago

i hope! i saw him post again today UwU so that's good news

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5 months ago