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Finally Back.

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1 month ago
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I am back.

Finally after about a month of being away from this platform, I'm back to... assume my throne? Did I have a throne? I'm not sure what to say at this point but there you have it. @Ghostwriter is back for good, and I hope I can get back to steady releasing articles.

But why was I away?

Well, it all started about the end of August with a sharp pain around my belly button area. I ignored it for a bit and took some pain killer s while I was trying to foucs on the exams I was supposed to be writing soon, which are my 2nd MBBS Examinations, as @Ozzyy must have mentioned in this space once or twice.

That was obviously a bad idea.

The pain then moved to my right side, and it became a bit unbearable. I called my parents and told them what was happening to me and they were quite livid that I decided to keep it is secret while the belly button pain started. My Mom, who's a medical laboratory scientist, already suspected that it was appendicitis,and I had to rush back home, on a plane too, because they were afraid if I went by road, the seating condition might cause the appendix to burst.

By the way, Appendicitis is the jnflammation of the loendix caused by blockage which causes the proliferation of bacteria. I'd the appendix is not removed on time and it hurts, infection might spread to the abdominal cavity, and this is called Peritonitis, which can be life-threatening.

So as soon as I reached home, I was slated for surgery in three days' time, and I got a hospital bed there. I couldn't go home, I obviously couldn't even type articles, since I was in quite a lot of pain. I just could not wait to go.under the knife and start the recovery process already.

Finally, the day came, and I watched my parents fuss over me a bit before I was placed under general anesthesia and wheeled into the theater. I know a lot of people have fears and concerns when surgeries come into focus, but I've never felt that way for some reason. Not that I'm ignorant of the many things that could go wrong, but I'm just pretty sure I'll make it out, so.I wasn't too bothered. I can't say the same for my Mom, who teared up a bit, but then that's motherhood for you.

I was conscious about three or four hours later, with a bit of the numbness wearing off and an itching pain in my side. Thankfully, the procedure was a success and my appendix was removed. There was no internal bleeding, so I was on the smooth road to recovery, and I could see myself getting back to school in maybe two weeks' time and focusing on my exams while managing to post here once in a while.

Sadly, this wasn't exactly the case. There were some complications with the recover, especially the healing of the incision made on my belly. Despite a suture being made, the wound was not healing and I was running the risk of getting infected, which would have seriously flipped the whole situation on it's head, but then again they adjusted my diet and placed me on some meds and two injections until I was fine.

Between then and now, it has just been resting, recovering and relaxing for me, because that was one helluva journey. It's been a long month away from Read.Cash, and I'm honestly just happy to be back, writing articles and so on.

There's a lot of reading to be done since I missed about a month's worth of it, but hey! I'm healthy and that's all that matters (just kidding! Yikes, the workload is from hell, bad time to have appendicitis!)

Anyway, thanks for reading, and have a great day!

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Written by   15
1 month ago
Topics: Earn, Lessons, Success, Tips, News, ...
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Brooo it's a good thing you called your parents while the appendix hadn't burst yet or you would've been in a worse condition then ;;-;; You recovering okay tho? Is the stitching closing up?

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1 month ago