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Friday the 13th Killer Puzzle Walkthrough: Chapter 3

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1 year ago

Video Summary:

This chapter takes Jason to a colder environment. You get introduced to a couple of newer obstacles like bear traps. Use these to make your victim run into them, but be careful, if accidentally step on them or activate them too soon you might have to start the level again.

Other than that the levels are pretty much similar to the crystal lake level, with the outhouses and water obstacles, mixed in with the cops introduced in the last level.

If you´re watching this just know, Friday the 13th Killer Puzzle, is a casual puzzle game based on Friday the 13th, filled with sliding puzzles and gory fun. You can unlock outfits for Jason based on the movies, and new weapons to slash his victims with.

Game Link:Steam/Android/Apple

Previous Video: Chapter 2

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Written by   106
1 year ago
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