Have you seen a Ghost recently?

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1 year ago

hey! Don't get scared. There's no ghost in here, Just a curious girl who strives to explore the unending internet verse and metaverse.

Finally I decided to join the read.cash family after hearing about it for a while. At the entrance of the platform there was an old man with a mighty staff and he asked series of question.

"What is Your name?"

"My name is Clara, but most people call me Ghost Queen."

"Why are you called a ghost Queen."

"honestly the origin of this name is a post for another day, because believe me it would take about 700 words to give you the full origin of that name. Just know that I got trust name due to my extreme curiosity about the world of the Dead."

"Why have you decided To join read.cash?"

First of, I have heard a while lot about the platform. All my colleagues are on readcash and they would never stop taking about the fun they have on the platform. About the amazing congrats they participate in. About the lovely people they meet on a daily basis. About the educating and interesting posts they come across on the platform. Most times they bring read.cash to the office and the whole office turns into some sort of readcash get together and I feel left out. Not anymore! now I want to be part of this lovely community.

Also considering the fact that I am a lovey of writing and trying fiction tales. I think this is the best platform for me to state my takes and interact with amazing minds while at it.

Then of course there is the opportunity to earn really cool bitcoin cash. Yeah that is pretty cool also. I have never heard about bitcoin cash until I came across readcash. After my research on bitcoin cash, I realized that I have been missing out on a while lot. But then, it is better late that never.

"When Did You hear about Readcash And from who"

I heard about Readcash about a month ago from my twin brother. A big boss here, who would rather have me keep his name anonymous. Perhaps a ghost like me lol.

So yeah I've known about Readcash for two months now. But then, Laziness accompanied with my busy schedule didn't let sign up. When I first heard about Readcash, I actually created an account, but I never made a post on that account. I kept postponing my introduction post, until I finally forgot my password for the account. So here I am with my new account going to be active and consistent. SO HELP ME GOD!


I had a feeling that this was the question that determined fate and failing to answer this property might get him angry and he would send me parking. Therefore I thought critically before answering this.

Like I said earlier, I am a lover of writing and telling fiction tales. I plan to storm Readcash with amazing tales. I was still speaking when he but me short.


I'm very sure that there are awesome storytellers on the platform whom I might never be able to complete with. But then I know for a fact that I have extraordinary stories in stock for you all here. When writing, I let my imaginations loose and allow it to go wild.

Have you ever been to heaven? I'll take you to heaven with my stories. Have you ever been to Disney land? I'll take you there. Have you ever been in a hunted house? I'll take you there. I plan to storm the platform with stories that will make you smile, make you laugh, make you cry, make you sing, make you dance, make you jump and at stories that just might make you fly.


I am really happy to finally be a never of this beautiful platform. I love making friends so always feel free to extend a hand of friendship🤗

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