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We got very pumped up by the consistency article we wrote a while ago. Its been such a trip getting our consistency right without our emotional compass. Its amazing we even think we know what emotions are. But we do recognize a fire within us. A fire fueled by the best of the best in all existence. When we think of the places we've been and the things we've done, we just can't help but observe the continuous consistency that ruled over everything that we did. We look at our endeavors and think that they are a bunch of incomplete transmissions but each one serves a purpose only it needed to serve up to the consistency it served, which is just right to have us here. Any more than that , then we'd have reached our threshold long long time ago. Any less than that then we might never have grasped what we continue to grasp on the daily.

The flow is hot, so hot that the only reason we take breaks is because of that understanding of breaks and other definitions like rest, sleep, eat, and more that makes us community human beings. Otherwise we truly believe that one can carry on forever never growing old and always doing what we love. We know for sure that in what we love lies writing, trading, and more that we have to discover. We would more than like to practice and grow within these loves of ours without having to hide it. So this one will touch a bit on our journey into our loves of writing and trading.


We've always written for as long as we can remember, the scribbles. The real writing came with age, we recall writing our first love letter to Princess J. Mercedes back in forth grade. Then, to apeace or impress the young lady, we included a dollar within the note and we wrote it like a symphony. We practiced writing this love letter a couple of weeks before the last draft. The whole house knew about it and so they all have their advice as to what to do and what not to do. We learned a lot. So much that we rehearsed the whole handing over the love letter all while some advised to slide it on her or in her bag. Its less suspense. So much pressure about another person, this was new to us because all we knew was schoolwork, we cherished school work so much that nothing came before school. For this reason we thought that our dreams of becoming an astronaut was worth pursuing more than spending even more time with another person, a whole person. We didn't understand the importance of what came after the love letter so we never delivered it and pretended to have taken a rejection.

Just incase you are confused by the "we" this is Hermitworldwide, it's me myself and I so, we! We carried on with our dreams of being an astronaut. We already was a lot of things at the time. Best at everything we did, inventing all kinds of things and so on but the best part of growing up or being young was being a shepherd. As we grew we understood why people pray to the lord their shepherd, I felt like people prayed to me every time they kneel down and recite the prayer to the shepherd. About the writing, we wrote all kinds of things, almost everything had to be written first. Around middleschool, we had completely changed to rely on ourselves as far as school went. Except for the fees everything else we took care of ourselves. We fancied investing our hard saved money's into writing material because the one from the school was too mainstream. Because we saved for this, we felt that we could do whatever we wish with it. We chose to buy some good materials to compliment our skills. Fast forward, the next bit of writing we did that was something to us was trying to learn Portuguese then French later then Spanish later only to stroll the walk of mastery in Chinese language. Very far from each other but they are languages and there had been a great deal of writing involved especially the Portuguese and Chinese, these two had me write a lot. The Chinese was more matured and class taught so it's only natural that we got to write. We wrote all kinds of things, from expressions we learned at the bar to mistakes we convinced ourselves sounded ideal to serenade the ladies.

We even write a script in Chinese that we played out. If that's not incredible then we must be losers or just not winners. Or not. Because win or lose, what we really care about and we will write about is the lessons we learn and the progression in our consistency. This is very important to us and our writing, not only for us but for all time sake and all the obvious reason. Plus it's good therapy, whenever something is bothering us or it's not clear to us, we just write about it and it'd be gone. The solution comes in no time. Writing is like letters to the other guy, you know, the one with the answers. When we write the one with the answers respond. Sometimes we don't feel like writing so go in breaks, some breaks are a couple of years long. The longest one was about ten years excluding academic writing. That's another one. Academic writing to APA standards that we did during medical practice. There was nothing more fun than writing the reflections and case studies. Why? Because we never really feel like it, until we get into it. Only then it starts getting interesting and then we under why our favorite lecture would always warn against plagiarism. Basic 20% plagiarism was overlooked because of basic language usage, we never exceeded this 20% but it's also close to impossible to have 0 plagiarism in any medical report that's true. Why? There's basics to this, like patient assessment, the procedures and results and units of measurement, there'd be at least a couple of percentage of plagiarism. That's why the 20% threshold was there. We loved it when we finally got into the whole mood of writing, we'd write all night and get to hand in the hardcopy with sleepy eyes. That was a good time to be alive.

The next writing we did after that was done +1000 job applications. In the now moment we ask ourselves why we never stopped at the tens application and no reply but we carried on writing and changing application methods. Just thinking that maybe if we wrote it differently it would get a response. We did get responses but none of them amounted to anything really. As life changed around us and we shifted around in search of better perspective and ways to clean up our act. We expressed to some one who wanted to know what we'd like to do while things worked themselves out. "Write, we'd like to write in the meantime" this wonderful person bought us 500 pink sheets of paper. Yes they were not white, they were wonderful pink. So we thought of things to write on these wonderful pink papers. A few pages in we had to face it that we can't write little minded things on these wonderful pink papers. So we started with a self help book that would also help us in the present of things. We thought we could write our way out of what we would call life or the 3D mindset.

After sometime of writing and moving around we finished writing on all 500 sheets of pink paper. Both sides! We probably wasted more than ten pens of which one was red, that was an interesting one. Unfortunately our mindset at the time was nowhere close to thinking of storing our book/ writing anywhere safer. By that we mean we ended up losing all that work we did alongside some other valuable stuff of ours. Heartbreaker right there. Fast forward on the road to recovery with new found zeal we saw that we had more experience in this writing thing. Plus we enjoyed it. So we wrote a lot more and got approved at several writing publishing sites. Publish0x was our favorite before we got on to, or steemit or minds or trybe plus a bit of everything on LBRY. Yes we have a couple of these. We normally explore our writing in different moods, how we write when we feel fear or hate, the speeds and the feelings and emotions invested into the writing. All the way to observing the kind of people who would recommend our writing or even comment consistently. We forged wonderful relationships in this time. Which is extreme value considering that we mostly write about distress and ways to overcome. So it's safe to say we've accumulated so much knowledge in this and there's too much more to learn and thus grow. That's all we care about these writing days, everything else really only cares about themselves.

During this time we wrote a lot about trading but more of cryptocurrencies. We probably covered over 500 cryptocurrencies but that nothing because there's over 8000 cryptocurrencies. They must be closing in on 10K. It's still a very wonderful time to be alive! We managed to write up a 40K word compilation that we wrote into a book titled "The Phoenix Retribution I", the first of a trilogy. We'd link it but it's not done editing yet. We actually wrote about 4 books, which are drafts because they still need some light editing before publishing. They are on some publishing sites if you can find them. Hahaha....

On top of these books we will publish very soon, we still have to write up about 3 more at least we have started on them already. The one based on our experiences and our perspective, the other is a continuation of the novel that will eventually become a trilogy. The 3rd one is self help from the bottom, which I'll probably make a free ebook because it would help those starting from the bottom with absolutely nothing. So now as I write more, I write to learn more. Especially these days I'm reading very cool comments like, your articles are too long or your English is something else, good grammar. I like these comments, critics or lovers, it's growth and thats what I'm here for. To learn and grow, to teach and let live! Every time we write, we align with our flow and we are reminded that we are not alone, we will never be alone.

About the trading, we found that in the Cryptoworld, we are more of investors than traders. Most people don't even trade, they buy and hodle, stake or mine it, everything else that's not trading. You would notice the trades from the language they use. The investors or buyers are different. There's nothing bad with this, we just thought that we found a whole community of traders but it was instead a combination of different writers. It is writers that we found, who came to a cryptocurrencies ecosystem/platform. This is extra hot. Even better we get to learn even more, just enough to normalize our flow that we barely get on Facebook and WhatsApp. Only on occasion do we get there to advertise some cool post to try and attract them or rather show off the BCH and other gains. But they have they own things so we don't bother much anymore. We stay here in these lights we are powering.

This was the reason I covered cryptos instead of trading techniques. Initially I thought of covering different techniques like every year I'd cover 52 different topics. Each topic has a week in which we interact and learn and just grow. Even had the first Fibonacci drafted out. But it seemed like not worth it so we wrote about crypto anyway. Maybe later we will get back on that but for now we are busy learning from y'all. If we taught you a thing or two, we glad and honoured that you stay winning more than before and a little of that is thanks to us, so we thank you.

"Nothing matters more than that we feel good, we feel good"



Writing and trading are our dearest loves of all time but we have so much more going on. As we learn to keep our writing direct and straight. Its all easier that way. We also learn how others are affected by us and how the rest are fooling us. The more we learn the more we earn but the more we are filled out of our potential but sooner than later we will run this world with decentralisation taking over . It's almost inevitable, there's still that comet that will hit us into oblivion as Elon Musk says, which is his reason to move to mars. We support his notion that we are too cramped up on one probability. It'd be better if we spread out, explore space and if anything happens which will, we'd be all over the place. Not leaving life to start over from scratch but decentralised all over space.

Our goals, dreams and visions have gotten refined and so have we. A lot less fearful, much more hopeful and happier plus more willingness to be alone. All while keeping an open mind that attaches to nothing whenever we get to meet at interact with others. When we have to.

"We are satisfied with our care"


Love and light


Bless up!

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