What do you want for BCH?

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After reading the post of my friend @F.B. a question invaded my mind, which is: what do we really want for BCH? Depending on who you ask, you'll get one answer or another, so I said. I'm going to write about this and say that's what I'd really like for BCH.

Success, money, difference, change, this is a lot of the desires you see in the community, but if we deepen more, I feel like we all want more than just this or at least this I want to think about.

If you ask me, what I really want for BCH is history. What do you mean, history, Gerson? I'll tell you.

I want BCH to make its deep mark on our history, to achieve mass adoption in all areas, for everyone to own their money, a global decentralization of economy, ending inflation and achieving exceptional development, ending corruption and embezzlement. That you can go anywhere and pay with your BCH wallet, the one that every day starts more and more projects based on BCH, all this and much more.

All this is possible by looking as a community to always improve, never forget our ideals but being always open to include new things for the good of the community, not because we implement new things we will stop being BCH, our goal is to take down walls and build bridges, the achieving every day that more people bet on this project and that is that this allows the arrival every day of great users, large investors determined to work for this objective.

Thanks to BCH I am fulfilling several of my dreams, I am thriving in a country that had stolen my future, I am betting everything on this community and I am achieving it.

Like my friend I am committed to giving more for this community, learning, researching, improving in order to be able to offer my help, because I have faith in this project, and I know I haven't been here as long as many, but we all have a start and I plan to be here a long time, So I ask you a question.

What do you want for BCH?

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