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My opinion about the "Jiang update"

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1 year ago

"BCH miner donation plan update" Or as I would call it, a very contradictory proposal, bringing with it more of the same.

As I said in a past post, we all as BCH users must give our opinions about this initiative, if we remain silent we achieve nothing.

And it is that Jiang in this "Update" tells us that the fact that it is a proposal without debate, does not mean that it does not value our opinion, but at the same time it tells us to stop saying what we think and that only do what he wants, and that if it goes wrong, let us simply stop applying the measure, as if this were something simple, after the great damage that BCH would suffer when this proposal was implemented.

And it's very easy to think about forcing other people to do what ever you want, even when you don't apply what you're proposing, that's why you refuse to answer questions asked by the community, because you just wouldn't know how to handle them, but if what you really want is try to see what would happen when this measure is applied, you are simply free to experiment with other cryptocurrencies which possess this measure, But you can not come to change the voluntary nature Bitcoin Cash donation, and pretend that we don't do anything about it

You say this is a right, but yet I see it more as an obligation described with pretty false words.

The answer as I say, it will not be to force others to hand over their money, I understand that every project needs funds for its future development, so I say that the best way is to incentivize but never force users to contribute with BCH, and of course, apply it yourself, because you say that there are few funds while you do absolutely nothing about it.

There is much that would be put at risk if this measure its applied, things like the loss of confidence and security, until losing the support of large and good users of this community, seeing how these migrate to other cryptos, for me it just isn't worth the risk, only for trying something that you don't even know whether it will work or not.

this is my opinion, I invite you all to give yours, things are resolved by speaking, not by force.

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Written by   66
1 year ago
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