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Road to Wembley... FA Cup winner about to be decided.

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3 weeks ago

The FA Cup is ending very soon since the teams playing in the final have booked their spots after the Semi-final stage was played over the weekend.

It was a real action between the remaining four teams who battled for the final.

The previous winner of the title, unfortunately crashed out in the fourth round of the competition, we saw them miraculously clear their path last season to the final where they defeated their City Rival Chelsea in the 2019/20 FA Cup final. Arsenal only made it to the fourth round where they got eliminated by Southampton.

I believe the Gunners would still be disappointed for been knocked out of the competition despite giving their best in the match, Southampton sent Arsenal packing out of the competition with a lone goal that was scored by an Arsenal defender. The own goal was scored as early as the 24th minute and Southampton maintained a good line of defense to ensure that Arsenal didn't get the equalizer that could jeopardize their progress into the next round of the competition.

The final stage has been set and the action will be going down between Chelsea and Leicester City at the Wembley Stadium.


Chelsea played in the last season's final but was defeated by Arsenal in the final and it is good to see them find their way to the final after defeating Manchester City by a lone goal. Manchester City has crashed out of the competition for the second consecutive time in the Semi-final stage, last season it was Arsenal who knocked them out with a 2 - 0 victory but this season another London team did the job.

It wasn't an easy one for Chelsea but the new manager has been good with managing his team through different competitions, we saw them progressing into the semi-final of the Uefa Champions League as well. They are also not having a bad time in the league, sitting 2 points away from the third position makes it very possible they finish among the top four this season.

Chelsea defeated Manchester City by a lone goal, just a goal was enough to see the big boss out of the competition and Leicester City right now is the obstacle between them and the title.

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It would be great to see Chelsea win one or more titles this season, it would assure their fans of the great things that are going to be happening in the coming season.


Leicester City have been exceptional this season even though they had some challenges at some point in the league but they have been able to withstand lots of pressure in all competition.

On Sunday evening, they qualified after defeating Southampton by a lone goal and Brendan Roger would be really happy seeing his side qualify to the final and they have every chance just like Chelsea to win the title.

Their 2019/20 campaign in the FA Cup was cut short by Chelsea in the quarterfinal, Ross Barkley's 63rd-minute goal sent Leicester City out of the competition and this would make the 2020/21 final more challenging because both sides would be coming with strong determination.

In recent times, Leicester City have really been a force to reckon with since their return to the Premier League. They currently sit third in the league table and they look like they won't be dropping out of that zone with them having seven matches to go.

English competition can be very challenging and there are only rare occasions where matches are decided by luck, every team can't be underrated because the smallest can get the best out of the big clubs. Leicester City is having a good time in English football compared to Southampton yet it wasn't an easy one for Leicester City.

At a point, Southampton dominated and piled up so much pressure but Leicester City was able to hold them down till the final whistle.

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They won't be taking the final lightly with Chelsea because they haven't won a title since they won the league back in the 2015-16 season, it will be an opportunity to make their presence felt in English football again.

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Written by   19
3 weeks ago
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