Rape offense deserves more than jail terms.

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2 years ago

In my desire to be a social advocate for various abuse on Women and children in the world today. I track several events happening in World from my mobile phone to expose things they're not meant to be. I have always had a strong opinion how jail terms shouldn't be the only punishment for rapists, they deserve suffering and torture before death because that is what they do to their victims as well.

It is so shameful to see social figures involved in this dirty act, our so-called public figure engage in this activity and go scot-free. Just last month, an artist abused a 14-year-old girl and after lots of attention it gained, the man was freed by the police because they claim that there was no evidence.

These evil-doers are role models to some children who end up believing that is how life should be, when they grow up, they also walk in the path of their role model. 

I have always had a strong opinion that the only way out of it is making the culprit suffer hard before death, pictures of their tortures and death should be sent on various social media to be a warning message to those who still have the intention of doing such act.

Someone once said I am cruel on a social platform while I was ranting about rape, I told the person that we should face reality. They think I am wicked for my judgment but the person who raped is not cruel, all these positive talks empower more people to do the act because they feel they will get a light punishment and move on with their life.

I ask myself if there is anywhere in the World where this act doesn't happen? I have seen stories from Asia, Africa, Europe, America, and others. It might be difficult to wipe out the act completely but the cases can reduce if the culprit suffering are been publicized for the upcoming Rapist out there to know what they are going to experience as well.

I witnessed one recently when a schoolgirl was ambushed by a guy, he tore her cloth and almost had penetration before a passerby attacked him. He was beaten and freed, allowing him to go means that they have endangered the life of more kids out there.

I wouldn't have suggested the law enforcement agencies as well because they are one of the major problems we are facing in my country. All the lashes the guy got should have been on his balls, he wouldn't try talking to a woman ever in his life again.

I stumbled on a rape story that happened during the lockdown in India, a lady was raped by four men. This story shows how cruel we humans can be, four men forcefully abuse a lady. I ask myself, What state would they have left her? What effect would it have on her life physically or mentally? All these questions running through my head without answers. If I am God, I will smash people to death once you have the thought of doing it.

The lady was quarantined in a school for the night by the police due to the absence of a quarantine center nearby during the Lockdown happening all over the world due to the Covid-19 virus. It was reported in the story that she went to the station herself to seek shelter because she couldn't find her way home and it was late.

The evil incident occurred over the night, the four men were apprehended but justice wasn't served. The report from the police states that "Three local men who raped the woman inside the school on April 23 have been arrested and sent to jail". 

How on Earth is that justice?? Sent to jail, so after some years, they are free to roam free again?? How do you create fear for people who will still engage in the act? Sending them to jail is like pampering them for their actions. They deserve real suffering, a kind that will make them beg for death.

Let not fold hands, let be a voice for the victims of rape. It happened to her, we don't know who the next victim will be. You have a role to play and I have mine as well.

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To read more about the Indian rape story, visit the link below.


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2 years ago


An eye for an eye? You are right, death is an easy way out for rapists. And what of countries which do not impose death to criminals? Perhaps, whacking their balls (as you proposed) or burning them may be fair justice in a way. Sometimes, when you hear or read of what they do to their victims, you are forced to think evil, even when you know it is not right. Let God punish them.

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2 years ago

Evils should die not be put on the jail, they should be placed in hell.. I hate them

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2 years ago

I believe they should be killed slowly, they should beg for death even before it comes to them

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2 years ago