Crypto currency; is the future here already?

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1 year ago

I got to know about cryptocurrency in 2017 but it sounded like one of those scam projects and I wasn't ready to invest or be part of it. My job hunting experience got terrible years after because nothing good was coming and Cryptocurrency presented a way for me.

A friend introduced me to Steemit where I wrote and engaged on articles, I earned my first crypto from writing and I was able to provide for myself with the little I was getting back then. I got more interested in cryptocurrency and I started looking deep into it, I saw a huge opportunity for the human race to be free from the banks and government's financial shackles.

I saw a huge opportunity for financial freedom, a world where everyone would have full control over their money but cryptocurrency has further taken steps back instead of going forward with fulfilling the dreams of Nakamoto Satoshi.

I missed my first shot at becoming rich with cryptocurrency a few years ago when I showed loyalty to a project out of ignorance and I realized that most of the people in the crypto have the wrong orientation about cryptocurrency.

Nakamoto Satoshi's dreams would have been close to completion if we focused more on what he wanted.

Cryptocurrency was meant to change the world but it turned out to be a scheme to double your money with the influence of some powerful men across the globe who manipulates the market at their call.

Understandably, cryptocurrency has faced various attacks from governments because of the threats it poses to their ancient banking system that rips people apart financially. I believe that a lot of storms happening in the crypto verse at moment wouldn't have succeeded if we focus more on the purpose of why crypto was invented than getting just becoming wealthy from it.

Some months ago, I wrote an article titledĀ "What next, when cryptocurrency is adopted globally?"

Seeing crypto value drop drastically gives me a lot of concern and I have always known that we will get to this point we are someday whether we like it or not.

When Bitcoin reached $60k then, I was scared to see people still rushing to have it with the mindset of making a profit and cash out but unfortunately, they were hooked immediately after the price began to dip.

If I go on asking everyone if this was the future they saw with cryptocurrency, the majority of the people who have at one point invested in crypto would have said no.

Most of the plan or vision was to make a quick profit over and over again but here we are today. It is funny how the dip we thought we bought is nowhere near the current dip but still, this isn't the future of cryptocurrency. I believe cryptocurrency still has a long way to go even though I don't see it hitting those enormous figures anytime soon and its future depends on the human race because it is automatically attached to the future of the human race.

Seeing crypto become a globally accepted means of payment is the future I am looking forward to and this can only become a reality when we look at things that benefits all instead of one. The current dip is a test of time and regardless of what predictions I see out there, I believe that the future of cryptocurrency is further ahead.

For crypto patriots, people who believe in the dominance of cryptocurrency in the nearest future, I think this is the opportunity to stack more of the right coin in the cryptoverse.

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With the way things are going right now, I don't see a global adoption happening for cryptocurrency. Humans are always going to try as much as possible to make a lot of profit from anything that's capable of generating money, even though it means the total end of that thing. That's exactly what is happening with cryptocurrency right now, even as the harsh bear market is ripping everything apart, some people are still looking for ways to manipulate the market to their own advantage

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1 year ago

Right it's time for us to stock more. I pray your predictions prove right and we see the great future of crypto ahead.

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1 year ago