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Children falling victim of terrorism.

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1 week ago

The issue of children falling victims to terrorism is very disheartening and I feel very down reading such stories but it would be heavy in my heart if I refuse to write about it because it is bothering me a lot.

For some time now, it is impossible not to hear a kidnapping story in my country Nigeria daily and it hurts me a lot to see youngsters falling victims to the evil experience. Parents now live in fear, it is like not having rest of mind until their kids return from school.

Terrorists walk into schools in broad daylight to abduct over 200 kids, they hijack school buses and take the kids away, in some situations these kids are nowhere to be found.

On the 16th of December 2020, I saw lots of posts from our Pakistan families and I couldn't hold back tears because I couldn't continue imagining that occurrence in my head. It was difficult for me to ignore the killing of over 100 kids in a school during the study period.

Terrorism has become a challenge to countries all over the world and I don't see any reason why people would embrace that act, I wonder what joy they derive in inflicting pain on people. There no fun in making other people cry just for some selfish purpose but some people do it with so much joy.

I fear what the future of the world will be when the leaders are killed in cold blood. Whenever news about kids been killed pops up on my mobile, I ask myself...

"What is the crime of those kids?".

"Is it a crime to come to the world like every other person?"

"If the great names who have done one or two things to help the situation of the world were killed as a child, would the world be as fair as it is now?

The life of everyone is important and we all have a purpose to fulfill on earth so why would some people call themselves terrorists and all they do is end great dreams.

I can remember vividly in 2014 when 276 girls were abducted by a terrorist group called Boko Haram.

On the 15th of December 2020, it was reported again that 300 boys were abducted from an only boys boarding school in Kastina.

People protesting against the act of kidnapping.

Image source

There have been claims of getting some of the kids back and I feel disappointed that a country with a government keeps experiencing this issue from time to time.

It looks like fun to them because their children were not taken by those criminals, imagining the brutality these kids would experience is enough to declare war on every terrorist group operating in the country.

​Some of these cases have been said to have been plotted by greedy politicians all in the name of playing political games. The life of every person worth more than any political dream, why should we take life to accomplish this greed in us?

These incidents are ones we are aware of, what of the ones we never heard of?

It is time our government sees terrorism as a vital problem that can slow down the progress of a country because we all have a role to play as an individual here on earth.

It hurts a lot to see kids losing their lives, I remembered reading a kid narrating his experience. He said the gunmen came into the school at midnight and started shooting, the boy climbed a tree in the school compound to survive through the night.

I can't imagine the physiological effect it would have on the boy because that experience would have a negative impact. Lots of students and teachers were killed while some were taken away and never to be heard from again.

Whenever I think about the kids of Syria and what they were going through as a result of terrorism, I feel heartbroken. Every IDP camp around the world is filled with kids who are starving, don't have access to medicals, don't have access to education, they just live and the government treats them like non-existing humans.

It is high time we consider the safety of everyone including adults and children.

Image from the Internet: Kids in Syria

Image source

Every life matters and we must ensure that we do away with the act of terrorism so that we can all live in peace and happiness.

May the soul of the departed rest in peace.

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Written by   42
1 week ago
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This is disheartening and every news coming keeps making me lose hope in this country. I wrote earlier today too about our government willing to sell our "excess" megawatts and I am asking, where is the excess coming from, in a country ridden with darkness from electricity! These children deserve bette but sadly, they are victims of a failed system that was supposed to protect them. It is sad.

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1 week ago