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Simple living high thinking

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Simple living and high thinking must be the motto of life of each one of us. However, people these days prefer leading a luxurious life with their thinking restricted only to things that can fetch them worldly pleasures.

People who Adopted the Golden Principle of Simple Living and High Thinking

Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi is one of the best persons to exemplify this proverb. He led a simple life and dreamed big. His lifestyle was extremely simple but his thinking was high. He did not only work towards driving the British out of the country but inspired several others around him to support the cause.e He was the He His life    hhhh He made use of a simple weapon that is non-violence to drive the British out of the country.


Buddha was a king who had numerous servants available at his beck and call. He had a loving family and all the luxuries of life. But he left all these to lead a simple life in the jungles. He could concentrate, look within and think high only when he began to lead a simple life. Had he stayed in the palace and led the life of luxury, he would never have attained enlightenment.

Abraham Lincoln

American President, Abraham Lincoln who could afford all the luxuries of life and live lavishly chose to adopt a simple lifestyle. He did not employ any servant to take care of any of his tasks. He did all his personal tasks on his own.

Ways to Lead a Simple Life

Identify Difference between Your Needs and Wants

The first and foremost thing to do is to distinguish between your needs and wants. Remember your needs are limited but wants unlimited. In order to lead a simple life you must only keep the things of necessity and not run after acquiring and attaining every materialistic desire.

Focus on Inner Peace

We all look for happiness outside. We try to socialise, go to malls, try different cuisines, do unnecessary shopping and indulge in several such activities. While all these things can give temporary happiness you wouldn’t find yourself truly happy if you are not at peace within. To live a simple and fulfilling life you must focus within.

Don’t Do Things to Impress Others

You are not born to impress others. Your life will not get any better if you continue to look for ways to impress other people. Your life will be fulfilling when you focus on yourself and not others.

Help Others

Instead of spending lavishly to show off you should indulge in charity. This does not mean you have to donate a huge sum each month. Do whatever little you can to help the poor and needy.


Just relax, meditate and let go of all the negative thoughts in your mind. Your mind must focus on the positives in life.


Living simple is not difficult. It is rather simple; you just need to limit your desires and let go of the need to impress others. When you lead a simple life only then you can think high else you will only be busy gratifying yourself.

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Written by   7
3 months ago
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