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*maintain relationship with people*

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Written by Β Β 7
4 months ago

People learn this late, they are too quick to cut off people.

It is childish and immature to pick offense at ANY and EVERY provocation or perceived wrong and then start keeping grudges as a result..

Grow above it.

Someone did not invite you for their wedding, you pick offense with them.

Someone didn't wish you happy birthday, you pick offense with the Person

They didn't like your Facebook Post, you pick offense.

They didn't support you in a disagreement you had with someone, you pick offense with them.

They said No to your request, you pick offense and malice start like bicycle.

You asked them for money, they said they didn't have, you pick offense with them.

You are even keeping record of people who brought gifts to your wedding, so you can know who to pick offense with. Hah.

See, the truth is,

Everyone is busy,

Everyone has their battles you are not aware of.

Those who you need help from are also looking for help.

Not everything is Personal and intentional

Not everyone hates you.

People will forget about you, not wish you happy birthday, promise you and fail you, not join your group, doesn't mean they don't like you, sometimes People are just caught up with their own personal lives, struggles, and human weaknesses/limitations.

Learn how to manage being disappointed by People and still be on talking terms with them, it'll save you a lot of UNNECESSARY grudges and beefing and save you some FRIENDSHIPS You'll need in Future..

*Stop being Vindictive and Grow above offences!*


Thanks for reading πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ

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Written by Β Β 7
4 months ago
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