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1 year ago (Last updated: 7 months ago)
Topics: BCH, Defi

不久前,General Protocols(以下简称为GP)关闭了测试版 Oracle,以便更好地设置即将发布的正式版 Oracle。现在,我们很高兴地宣布,我们的正式版Oracle现已投入运行。




·       所使用的公钥:0273ee49099f0a09be514cbb45756bf49ad256d0a6de993107e98c89c16b6fa84e

·       多次迭代运行,总计约4个月。

·       产生了超过100,000个签名的价格消息。

·       用于在链上清算和使数百个AnyHedge合约成熟。



·       所使用的公钥:02bca289e12298914e45f1afdcb6e6fe822b9f9c7cd671fb195c476ac465725e6f

·       使用与测试版本相同的稳定Bitpay价格数据,以美元为单位跟踪BCH的价格。

·       在安全的服务器上生成价格消息,与广播价格消息的服务器是分离的。

·       如果发生中断,将通过插值最后发布的价格至当前的价格来恢复价格数据。



1. Oracle数据库链接:

2. 创建和验证合约:











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Written by   316
1 year ago (Last updated: 7 months ago)
Topics: BCH, Defi
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If You don't Understand chinese article see translation in Englishnglish Reading.👇👇👇👇

GP releases production oracle

Not long ago, General Protocols (hereinafter referred to as GP) closed the beta version of Oracle in order to better set up the upcoming official version of Oracle. Now, we are happy to announce that our official version of Oracle is now in operation.

What is a GP oracle?

Oracle, which was first launched by GP, is a mechanism that obtains price data from stable price feeds, uses GP's private key to sign the data, and then sends the signed price message to users. Although Oracle's messages are designed to meet AnyHedge's contract requirements, they can be used for any BCH smart contract that requires a price.

Test version of Oracle:

· Public key used: 0273ee49099f0a09be514cbb45756bf49ad256d0a6de993107e98c89c16b6fa84e

· Run multiple iterations, totaling about 4 months.

· Generated more than 100,000 signed price messages.

· Used to clear and mature hundreds of AnyHedge contracts on the chain.

The official version of Oracle:

· Public key used: 02bca289e12298914e45f1afdcb6e6fe822b9f9c7cd671fb195c476ac465725e6f

· Use the same stable Bitpay price data as the test version to track the price of BCH in US dollars.

· Generate price information on a secure server, separate from the server that broadcasts price information.

· If an interruption occurs, the price data will be restored by interpolating the last published price to the current price.

Technical resources

  1. Oracle database link:

  1. Create and verify the contract:

Anyone can start with zero experience and use GP's open source tools to create and verify AnyHedge contracts. In addition, this tool can also submit the contract to the GP exchange service for timely and reliable exchange. GP invites you to try and create a new way of short and long, point-to-point without credit. You can click the link below to see how the contract works:

Stay tuned to our social media to learn about the exciting news of Oracle's launch!

contact us:

Telegram group:


Official website:

Telegram: @marcelchuo

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