General Protocols Sponsorship for Q4 2022

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In Q4 2022, General Protocols is supporting a number of on-going projects within the Bitcoin Cash community. We have a strong commitment to scale our sponsorships as revenue grows. In the future, we will evaluate further sponsorship opportunities for other worthwhile projects in the expanding Bitcoin Cash ecosystem.

Here are the projects we are supporting in Q4 2022:

LibauthAn ultra-lightweight JavaScript library for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitauth applications.

Electron CashA Bitcoin Cash Simplified Payment Verification Wallet

cculianu/FulcrumA fast & nimble SPV server for Bitcoin Cash & Bitcoin BTC.

CashScript: CashScript is a high-level programming language for smart contracts on Bitcoin Cash.

BCHNA professional, miner-friendly node that solves practical problems for Bitcoin Cash.

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