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General Protocols Sponsorship for Q1 2022

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6 days ago

As part of our ecosystem sustainability commitment, General Protocols sponsor projects we depend on.In Q1 2022, we are produly supporting:

bchd/meep: Meep is a command line Bitcoin Cash script debugger

BCHN: A professional, miner-friendly node that solves practical problems for Bitcoin Cash.

CashScript: CashScript is a high-level programming language for smart contracts on Bitcoin Cash.

cculianu/Fulcrum: A fast & nimble SPV server for Bitcoin Cash & Bitcoin BTC.

Electron Cash: A Bitcoin Cash Simplified Payment Verification Wallet

Libauth: An ultra-lightweight JavaScript library for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitauth applications.

Spedn: Spedn is a high level smart contracts language for Bitcoin Cash. It is designed for explicitness and safety

$ 47.43
$ 45.93 from @TheRandomRewarder
$ 1.00 from @btcfork
$ 0.50 from @F.B.
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hello can you support me

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3 days ago

when working product?

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5 days ago