BCH BULL set to launch in October 2022 - a new era of decentralised, on-chain cryptocurrency trading

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The BCH BULL is a groundbreaking, non-custodial and permissionless web application on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain, allowing investors to long or hedge BCH against a number of tradeable assets, including USD, BTC, ETH, and Gold.

Utilising the AnyHedge protocol (built by General Protocols), BCH BULL will allow users to instantly create up to 10x leverage smart contracts directly with their own wallets without the need for any sign-up. On the other side of the contract, those users wishing to stabilise their purchasing power will also be able to create hedging positions against those same assets, thus providing a trustless and novel crypto stability solution, essential for risk-averse users such as merchants, miners, and other businesses operating with cryptocurrency.

Smart contracts utilising the UTXO properties of the Bitcoin Cash blockchain also offer a number of additional advantages, including being able to handle high volumes with low fees, whilst all contracts are stateless and remain independent of each other, thus improving privacy and reducing any systemic security risk.

AnyHedge, the protocol underpinning this service, has recently started public alpha testing and has already seamlessly created over 100 on-chain contracts, all executed perfectly, with a 24-hour volume of over 100 BCH. Alpha testing of AnyHedge is set to continue until 28th September 2022, with General Protocols announcing the launch date of BCH BULL will be in October 2022.

Further information about the AnyHedge and the BCH BULL application can be found through General Protocols' Twitter (https://twitter.com/GeneralProtocol) and Telegram (https://t.me/generalprotocols) pages. The AnyHedge Alpha testing is live and available to test here: https://alpha.anyhedge.com/ 

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may this project be successful and create more transactions in BCH Blockchain!

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