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AnyHedge是General Protocols(以下简称为GP)的旗舰产品。 AnyHedge提供了一种简单的、无需托管的衍生品,可以做多或做空BCH,能够像期货合约一样操作,并且属于KYC友好型。AnyHedge的零准入门槛使得任何人都能使用开源工具来创建和验证合约。相同的工具可以将合约提交给GP进行及时可靠的资产赎回。 GP诚挚地邀请你体验Beta测试版,尝试这种无需信任的方式来进行做多和做空操作。点击此处查看合约是如何操作的 .


创建合约时需要beta oracle(预言机)的公钥:0273ee49099f0a09be514cbb45756bf49ad256d0a6de993107e98c89c16b6fa84e

2.[可选操作]直接访问beta oracle的喂价参考或创建自己的喂价:

AnyHedge 测试期间的注意事项

●测试版使用的美分。例如: 10美元是1000美分。

●请从较小的对冲值开始操作,例如1美元(100美分),再尝试较大的对冲操作。AnyHedge库的硬上限是10,000美元(1,000,000 美分)



●GP将在2周内完成Beta oracle和Beta赎回服务。为了确保你所有的Beta合约都能得到结算,GP建议你在即刻(0区块)和3天(432个区块)之间设置做空合约期限。



邮箱: ​

预期我们将在Detoken上推出AnyHedge,因此我们将关闭AnyHedge beta甲骨文。准备好后,我们将以生产预告片的形式恢复服务。请继续关注有关发布的令人兴奋的新闻!

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Written by   316
1 year ago (Last updated: 7 months ago)
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AnyHedge product overview

AnyHedge is the flagship product of General Protocols (hereinafter referred to as GP). AnyHedge provides a simple, no-custodial derivative that can be long or short BCH, can be operated like a futures contract, and is KYC-friendly. AnyHedge's zero entry barrier allows anyone to use open source tools to create and verify contracts. The same tool can submit the contract to GP for timely and reliable asset redemption. GP sincerely invites you to experience the beta test version and try this trustless way to do long and short operations. Click here to see how the contract works: .

Technical resources

  1. Create and verify the contract: When creating the contract, the public key of the beta oracle is required: 0273ee49099f0a09be514cbb45756bf49ad256d0a6de993107e98c89c16b6fa84e

  2. [Optional operation] Directly visit beta oracle's price reference or create your own price: follow to get the broadcast Oracle message

Precautions during AnyHedge testing

● Cents used in the beta version. For example: 10 dollars is 1,000 cents.

●Please start with a smaller hedging value, such as 1 USD (100 cents), and then try a larger hedging operation. The hard cap of the AnyHedge library is $10,000 (1,000,000 US cents)

●Recharge for both hedging and long trading.

●Do not reuse the BCH address in the contract. Repeated use of the same contract parameters will result in the same contract address. At present, the redemption of Beta will settle all funds on the contract address in one transaction, and the extra funds will be used as miner fees. This situation will be improved in subsequent upgrades.

●GP will complete the Beta oracle and Beta redemption services within 2 weeks. In order to ensure that all your Beta contracts can be settled, GP recommends that you set a short contract period between immediately (0 blocks) and 3 days (432 blocks).

●GP will establish a process to redeem service fees during the Beta period, but it will not be set at the beginning. The creation and confirmation of the contract is part of the open source agreement created by GP and will be free forever.

contact us

Telegraph group: telegram: @marcelchuo -mail: official website:

It is expected that we will launch AnyHedge on Detoken, so we will close AnyHedge beta Oracle. When it is ready, we will resume the service in the form of a production trailer. Stay tuned for exciting news about the release!

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