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AnyHedge is a smart contract on Bitcoin Cash mainchain, written by General Protocols.

AnyHedge allows you to take leveraged long positions, or hedge your fiat value in a peer-to-peer manner. One party in the contract stabilizes the value of their Bitcoin Cash in their chosen asset, whilst the other party chooses to speculate with leverage. The combined funds of the contract ensure that all eventualities of any price movement are covered within the locked funds of the contract, and therefore there is no counter-party risk.

AnyHedge is a permissionless, non-custodial, and on-chain solution to price volatility, and trustless leverage trading. The potential of the AnyHedge contract is vast, such as on-chain futures through a decentralized exchange, or auto-integration of price stabilization for merchant apps, all with secure, near-instant, always low-fee transactions.

BCH Bull is one of the first apps built with AnyHedge. It's super easy to take contract positions—all on-chain. And since it's built on Bitcoin Cash, you don't need to wait on confirmations to start trading.

The Paytaca wallet is the first Bitcoin Cash wallet to also integrate the AnyHedge protocol, so users can create contracts directly from their wallet.

Want to learn more? Follow these links:

AnyHedge whitepaper
BCHBull contract simulator

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