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A Focus on the Bitcoin Cash Ecosystem: 05 Read.Cash

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Read.Cash is an online publishing platform that allows content providers to earn tips from their readers, exclusively using Bitcoin Cash.

After registering, users are able to use a non-custodial web wallet within the platform to send and receive payments through Bitcoin Cash, directly to each other.
Authors can utilise Bitcoin Cash to boost their work and increase the exposure of their articles, whilst readers can also comment on articles and earn tips through their comments.

There is also a sponsorship opportunity, where successful content creators can earn revenue from partners who wish to gain visibility on all of the author's work.

Since launching in 2020, Read.Cash now has registered over 90,000 users and authors have collectively earned over $800,000 in Bitcoin Cash! General Protocols has also contributed over 30 articles, discussing latest Bitcoin Cash developments and our own projects.

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