A Focus on the Bitcoin Cash Ecosystem: 03 Bitcoin Cash Node (BCHN)

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What is a node?

A cryptocurrency ecosystem consists of nodes, miners, and clients (be it exchanges, applications, or end-users). Nodes fulfill a very important role within this ecosystem.

A node is a computer running software that follows a common set of network rules, connecting and exchanging information with other computers which share the rules. Together, they host and synchronise entire copies of the blockchain. Nodes are essential for keeping a cryptocurrency network running and allowing miners to create blocks with the transactions stored in the node.

What is Bitcoin Cash Node?

Bitcoin Cash Node (BCHN), created in 2020 is a node with open source code, dedicated specifically to the Bitcoin Cash network. It is a professional and reliable node, practical for both miners and other clients. Furthermore, through the ASERT upgrade, BCHN produces blocks at more reliable intervals.

A lead maintainer and community of senior developers not only maintain the node but also participate in research and development of the Bitcoin Cash network.

What other nodes are within the BCH ecosystem?

The BCH ecosystem uniquely recognizes and encourages the development of multiple node implementations. Here are some of the other nodes that increase decentralization of the network and meet specific client needs:

Bitcoin Verde
Bitcoin Unlimited
Flowee the Hub

Want to learn more? Follow these links:

Documentation for BCHN
Blockchain: What are nodes and masternodes?

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