When Insomnia Attacks on me

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1 year ago

Have you ever felt INSOMNIA?Feeling of hard fall asleep even your very sleepy.Maybe some of you have the same experience of this feeling.Here are some tips to avoid Insomnia.

Let's do it!

*Don't be "stress".Stress is the main cause of Insomnia.One example is too much thinking especially when you are in bedtime,there's a lot of things that confusing on your mind.

I want to share with you guys what I supposed to do.

1.Your vision is should have focus on something.Its up to you either on the wall or on the roof of your house.Just stare with a long time.It helps a lot.Your eyes start to falling down hahahašŸ˜„(based on my experience)

2.RELAXATION-Our body and mind should be always relaxed to avoid stress.Stay calm and have light feeling.Surely we had a better sleep.

3.Set a time schedule for activities.If you wake up early,you should also go to bed early.Much better to have eight hours time sleep for the good condition of our body physically and mentally.

4.Don't stay awake! Don't spend a lot of time in gadgets.It is another one that cause of Insomnia because our brains work on it.For example in online games after the end of games you was thinking "why did I lose?Your mind start overthinking.Then if you are watching a series or drama,and you are affected,you also thinking "why they are broke up"Why the story is not happy ending?"Also if romantic series,you are very inlove.The stories flashback to your mind that you imagine yourself as they are.

Those are some events when Insomnia attack on me.

Always remember those simple ways can helps a lot.

Hope you guys have learned! Thanks for readingšŸ˜Š

You can do it! We can do it! I just want to Implement to everybody

Don't be stress,Relaxation,Set time schedule,Don't stay awake!!!

"We are free in INSOMNIA"


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