How to Maintain a Strong Marital or Couple Relationship

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2 years ago

In a relationship there is a sadness and joy.Not only pure pleasure but also with difficulty.Do you think that when you get married,your relationship will be perfect and you are sure?

Some people say that it is your long lasting love or forever.But the question is why someone is still separating after facing the altar.They promised each other but did not stand.

Perhaps some of them made a mistake.They can also be a weak-willed.They are easily tempted,blinded by wealth.There is a family that still remains but the feelings of couple is not compatible.Just for their children they still stay.This is the measure how strong they are.

However if he/she is not really the person you love,maybe he/she is your destined.Specially if you have a blessing children coming from God.You will notice your lack of love is now gradually being filled.

There are many more trials to go through in married life.I heard from others that within three years of marriage,you need to overcome the trials.This is what we call first chapter of challenge.

As my partners wife,I can say that we have passed those tests.I never thought that it would take us many years to be together .We are now 13 years as couple and have two children.How can I say that we have passed the test?

Maybe you will think that you will last longer.Some wonder couple stay together over 25 to 50 years. Just a wow!How did they maintain?and that's our next goal.

Do you know that when we were just getting together,I just proved that I didn't really know him yet.You can really know someone when you are stay in together.Now I believe in that saying.

At first we were happy but as time went on,we learned the unpleasant behavior of each other.He was hot headed.He does'nt want to be told.He was feeling underestimated.I think he was right.Maybe I am selfish.I want all attention is rolling on me.

There are many changes to consider.Not because you are a woman you will always be followed.You cannot banned him all the time.He wants to have fun with friends because he was tired on his job.That was the beginning of our fight.I feel insecurities.I always fighting him when he comes home drunk.Instead I should have greeted and buried him but I didn't.Unbeknowns he also sulking on me that's why he does'nt that way.

Im looking for a big income to him but income is not enough and sometimes empty.I have a right to asked because I am her wife.We have same right reason I think.

"I'm your wife Jun,I'm looking for your attention and sweetness".I want to spend time with you"Don't waste your time to other people! Please stay with me."

I feel hard feelings and mixed emotion on that time.I was crying.I feel repentant.I whispered on my mind.

But in my faith in God and the promises that we will live together until the end ,I change my mind.We need to be stronger.

There was one time that we fought physically and emotionally but it's the first and last time and never happen again.We feel sorry after all.We open up what's our deep inside feelings good and bad.We realize that we need to be understanding.Giving and taking...We realized our mistakes.

I start to change..the nagger me become soft and sweet.I allowed him spending time with his friends

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Wowww 13 years na pala kayo.. Kmi ni partner is 8 years na at mas madami ang away kesa sa bati hahaha... Ignore ignore ko lng ksi nkakastress tlga ang buhay may partner

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2 years ago

Kasama talaga yan ate sa buhay mag-asawa,kailangan lang na inuunawa nyo ung isat isa,makisakay sa bawat trip para walang gulo

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