Continuation...(Marital and Couple Life)

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2 years ago

I started to change,my old version as inquisitive become more understanding.

As of now,our relationship is good.No more dispute.Sometimes,we argue but suddenly we are okay na.We are knows that trials is always there so necessary would be more stronger.

These are the standards to maintain strong relationship between couples:

*All we need is trust to each other

*Giving time in lovemaking no matter how busy you are.

*Understanding-If you have broad understanding,you can easily understand what's her moods feeling.

*Don't impose pride

*Above all,Pray...He was our strenght.

*Don't give in to temptation.

*Get along even you have different interests.

In a simple way like this..We can express the true meaning of love.Thats all the tips we are made in our relationship more stable.

We"re not perfect as couple,but our family is whole and happy.We must be proud of it.

And lastly you must accept the personality between us.

Hope you guys have learned about my article...See you on my next page...

The End.... ..


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