The best way to position your self for this super circle

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3 years ago

It Has Indeed Begun

We can now look back on weeks of tremendous gains within the altcoin market, specifically the DeFi space! DeFi projects have been pumping at amazing multiples and we are probably only 2% into this super cycle. In the perfect scenario, Crypto enthusiasts should have their bags packed and boats ready so that when the tide rises, they are ready to start taking advantage of this bull run. However, that is probably not the case for some, so let us look at some ways to get better positioned.

I believe the that we are in the very last stages before BTC breaks 14K. In my opinion, this is merely weeks away.

I want to say that in the worst case scenario it could be months but I don't really believe that. I truly believe it is only a matter of weeks.

A Small Allocation To Potential Moonshots

A lot of my most recent articles have been mainly aimed at finding new and or small cap alts that have massive upside potential. Obviously, this is very speculative and very risky. This should never take a majority holding in any portfolio. Allocations of 5%, perhaps 10% if you are a seasoned Crypto trader or investor. Some of these articles and the projects they cover are listed below.

There are many more to investigate but let's keep it short. Many of these are up in the hundreds of percents since I shared them, especially EDG. Allocating small amounts to projects with potential upside does not have to be that risky. Start very small and add to the winners, in this way you get to remain in profit. 

Trading In Crypto Settled Derivatives

When it comes to futures trading, you want to deposit Crypto and not Fiat in a bull run. Contracts that the deposit and settlement are in Crypto are the best for a bull market. Let me explain. Let's say I deposit 12K in USD or tether and the price of BTC at the time of my deposit is 12K. I trade throughout the bullmarket, taking my profits out every week. Two years later, the price of 1 BTC is now 100K. If I deposited USD as my trading funds, then I would be able to withdraw my $12K and if I deposited BTC, then I would be able to withdraw 100K. That is a massive difference!

One of the best Exchanges for futures trading in Crypto settled trades is Bybit. Dedposit ETH, trade ETH against USD and receive profit in ETH! This is the best way to trade in a bull market.

Get Your Hands On Great Staking Projects With Good Rewards

Accumulating great staking projects before prices take off is very important to get done early. This is imperative if you want to see massive Crypto passive income from your tokens that will see a great increase in value. A token or coin that generates 8% per year becomes 80% per year if the coin does a 10X. So, in little over a year, an investor can regain their initial investment by just cashing in on the staking rewards. 

There are a lot of solid projects offering great staking rewards and are soon going to be more aggressively scooped up as prices rise further. Devise a clear plan for the road ahead, do your own research and remember that this is not investment advice, purely entertainment. 

All the best for the super cycle ahead!

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3 years ago