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As we prepare ourselves with the next Altseason, more and more people flock their Bitcoin into altcoins and microcaps in hope for higher gains. This is more colloquially known as "stacking sats". 

We listened to some of your mentions on our twitter account and here is a short compilation of that list. If you are a microcap gem hunter, join us in this chat. At no particular order, we have:

Lition ($LIT)

Circulating Supply: 59,424,500 / 119,965,435

Lition is a layer 2 blockchain infrastructure for business equipped with deletable data features and an emphasis on scalability. This cutting edge technology enables apps to be commercialized to the public mass. $LIT is rewarded to Node validators or by simply joining a staking pool where the transaction costs are used as rewards to the token stakers. The supply is relatively low in comparison to the rest of the market crypto coins, hence might appear an attractive altcoin to invest. Lition was also integrated as a blockchain solution to Salesforce which explains the recent rally of the price. 


4thpillar technologies ($FOUR)

Circulating Supply: 124,521,358 / 400,000,000 

Marketcap: $1,096,045

Gecko link:

$FOUR is a distributed ledger technology platform with a niche in providing solutions that encompass blockchain-based infrastructure. 4thpillar technologies provide this state of the art technology by leveraging on the trustless technology of the blockchain and provides all the benefits that blockchain has to offer. What caught my attention most is the strength of the team behind the company, all of which have impressive experience in SaaS, BaaS, and in the technology industry. A quick browse on the whitepaper showed plausible solutions backed with a technical approach. 

With its MKTCAP at 1million, you're in early getting this in the bag!


PhoenixDAO $PHNX

Circulating Supply: 37,504,438 / 110,000,000

We've already written on $PHNX, so this is more of an update than an introduction. 

PhoenixDAO has recently rolled out its DeFi staking dApp in the beta test phase; named PHNX Spot Staking, where users can immediately receive interest upon locking their PHNX. is also super close in releasing their DeFi products with PHNX token being supported across the board. 

If you've missed out on the July recap, below is the video of Kyle explaining the events that occurred in July.

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$PHNX was also mentioned by Wendy O on her twitter, Bitlord and JRNY Crypto included PHNX in his hidden gem video. 

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Supply: 5,224,083 / 16,876,778

Datamine Network utilizes smart contract to create an ecosystem of the decentralized open-source economic system by implementing the concept of adaptive money. The ecosystem consists of a deflationary DeFi protocol that generates FLUX tokens every 15 seconds. This ERC20 has the following traits: 

Based on the above information, $DAM is certainly interesting as you accrue huge interest with the 2 tokens while giving you the option to destroy or sell FLUX tokens. The whole idea sounds fascinating but we're keeping ourselves in the sidelines (& will keep this under the radar) for now as the whole concept sounds experimental. 


DexTools ($DEXT)

Supply: 87,253,326 / 200,000,000

From its name itself, the functionality and its niche are pretty straight forward. Dextools is a user interface focused platform for DEX traders and offers a myriad of tools for them to get the best rates across all DEXes. From my surface-level research, the tokenomics involve holding of DEXT tokens when they log in via the portal and 10% token burns from the fees the team receives from subscriptions. This bag is a long term hold as the team delivers DExtools v2 very soon and attracting more DEX traders onboard.


Uptrennd ($1up)

Supply: 170,657,318 / 995,554,318

The very first impression when we used Uptrennd was that it looked like the next WEB 3.0 Reddit style blogging platform. With a huge community behind the project, the price of $1up has inclined drastically in the past few weeks. Jeff Kirdeikis has been on the rise on twitter as an up and coming crypto mogul because of his babies' performance in the past few months. With the likes of Jeff behind the success of multiple companies, $1UP sure is going to be one of the most promising altcoins in the upcoming alt season!



Supply: 156,250,262 / 288,090,567

Lamden is a platform to create dApps and incentivizes good development on the ecosystem. Lamden platform makes it easier to deploy apps with the help of a simple to learn coding language called Contracting that is built using Python. Contracting language has a UI focused documentation for beginners and advanced developers.


TAU has moved parabolically in terms of price in anticipation of mainnet upgrade. With a market cap of ONLY $14mil, this can easily hit the roof as more dApps are deployed in the ecosystem. 



Supply: 47,156,372 / 102,000,000 

In gist, NIX is a multi-layered interoperable platform for the next-generation privacy cryptocurrency which focusses on anonymity in dApps, privacy swaps, and smart-contracts while providing the option of adding a state of the art privacy layer to any existing blockchain network. The platform also includes a governance system in voting or proposing for decentralized applications or infrastructure changes to be built. 

This crypto is unique for its technology following through the PoS/LPoS Consensus mechanism. Chico crypto also covered this privacy coin on youtube!

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Supply: 1,879,138,120 / ∞

PegNet is a fully decentralized network of stable coins leveraging on third party oracles to agree on the prices of fiat currencies and real-world assets. PEG tokens are used for trading pAssets in order to access Stablecoins while balancing one's portfolio and staking of pAssets in order to arbitrage or to add liquidity to the PegNet network.

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*Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency & penny cryptos are highly volatile & risky assets. Please do your own research before investing. This article does not serve as a financial advice. All content found in this article is purely the author's opinion and NONE of the companies mentioned in this article paid to be mentioned. 

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Good article dear.All content found in this article is purely the author's opinion and NONE of the companies mentioned in this article paid to be mentioned.

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Many many thanks to you dear for sharing such kind of informative and important article 🥰Well written...keep sharing more articles...I'll wait for your new articles bro

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