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We all presently are facing one challenges or the other and we believe our own challenges is higher than the other person own which is wrong. God actually gave every individual challenges he or she can handle. No challenges is too big for us to handle,just that we are yet to discover ourselves and that's the major reason we allow ourselves to be fooled by those who called themselves all kind of names according to my previous article.

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Many times we fail to think deeply the things that led to occurrence of our challenges.we just take steps immediately after seeing a challenge which is wrong and that's why many conclude easily too and commit suicide according to my sponsor article @princessbusayo. Below is the link to her article


Many has lost visions and purposes for their life because of one challenge that only a need a step further to be able to overcome,but rather they " run to world", as if is the world that can save them.

We all know that there's nothing in this world and if at all you find something,am sure you found vanity,because this world is vanity. Any small problem,we run to the world,why?

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Ohhh,I think some people don't understand what I meant by world in this article. The world I meant in this context is "human". We run to our fellow human to solve our problem for us forgetting that he also has his own facing him. The human that will tell you to come the next day for the solution to your problem and will die before that day,is that who you are running to meet? The one that can only promise and fail to fulfill it,is that who you run to?

Let me tell you a story about my mum;

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When she first got married to my dad and they decide to start giving birth,she had a pregnant and gave birth. But after some month the baby died. I know she must felt very bad then with my dad along. Another year followed and same thing happened,it was then she discovered she is giving birth to "ABIKU" in English it means predestined to death. They are believed to be babies that whenever they are given birth to,before they clock twelve they died and come back multiple times to the same woman according to the yoruba culture. So at some point,she went around looking for help from human. She ran to the world for help but all was fruitless. She went to meet a fake prophet,where she was cajoled to bring some items for "irapada" i.e redemption. The something sounded strange to her but because she was after her deliverance,she did according to the prophet. She was happy when she finally finish all the processes believing incident of Abiku won't happen again. After another year,same thing happened,it was then she think about her life and look for the way forward.

Have u ever ask the person beside you his or her problem and compare yours with theirs. Is your own not lesser compare to theirs. So,why do you then overthink about it when you can seek advice from good people or look for a better way out of that problem. There is a saying that says " A man is the architect of his life". Whatever you do, design your life to that thing you are doing.

Have you forgotten the GOD who created you,the people beside you,the people you are running to for help and the owner of the world you are living in. I know you wanted me to tell you the solution to what my mum did in the story,calm down that's what am about to do. All you need do is read between lines.

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The only solution is "RUN TO GOD ALMIGHTY". The only person who we can put all our challenges on,all our burden on himself. He said it in the bible,in the book of Matthew chapter 11 verses 28-30,it says;

"Come unto me,all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you,and learn of me;for i am meek and lowly in heart: and te shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light".

The first thing we note from the opening phrase "come unto me" is that this passage is written in first person. It is jesus himself speaking saying "come" in a gentle tone more like an appeal not demanding. He is telling you to come no matter the challenges you are facing,no matter whom you are,just come and you will be cater for. I don't know who need to know this,if you are not with God then you are with satan who dominate the world.

It was God my mum ran to for help and she was delivered permanently. Why not run to the same God who has not changed.God of yesterday,today,tomorrow and forevermore. I remember this popular song we do sing in church,it goes thus

I have a God, who never fail ×2

I have a God, who never fail, who never fail,my jesus never fail, forevermore.

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He will never fail you,so from today upwards have a rethink in your heart and know the right person to run to and never run to world ( human) for help or else you will be failed once more.

I hope we all get what am trying to say and I never confuse you in any way but was able to convince you that "God is who you can run to".

I drop my pen here first before the ink finish,let me try refilling it,bye for now.

Love you all❤❤❤❤.

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Your mom's Experience is so hard and I must really commend her for not giving up. No woman would be happy seeing her fruit dying in her presence. Abiku is very dangerous and I think very wicked too. It's only God that can wipe such strange and demonic activities because this can't come from God.

The best is to run to our Maker and He wi gladly send help. We might go to people but disappoint us but do you know that same person can actually help us when we first go to God? God can put it into the person's mind to help us. So why not meet Him first to help you solve your problems?

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Yes ma,is painful most people don't know. Thank you ma

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