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Twitter Hacked

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2 years ago

Twitter accounts with millions of followers have apparently been compromised, raising questions about whether the company is doing enough to protect its users' security. Bitcoin scammers have apparently hacked Twitter, one of the world's most popular social media platforms, on a massive scale. Apple, Uber and other companies were also implicated in the wide-ranging hack, which Twitter later attributed to a social engineering attack on its employees. 

While cryptocurrency scams are not a new problem on Twitter, the scale of Wednesday's attack is unusual. A large number of Twitter accounts have been compromised, and hackers are using these accounts to tweet bitcoin - doubling the scam. Twitter employees have been paid to give hackers access to an internal tool that allows them to access high-profile social media accounts. 

The world of politics and technology is stunned by the major security incident at Twitter, in which hackers took control of former US Vice President Joe Biden's Twitter account in order to carry out a cryptocurrency fraud. It was a crazy day in the world of cryptocurrencies, as we had hijacked a number of high-profile social media accounts like President Barack Obama's and now the hacking of Twitter. 

As bad as Wednesday's rampage was (and was bad), the real consequences will come when business leaders, politicians, and ordinary users realize that the network they choose for real-time information is just as vulnerable to being hijacked as they thought. Why this matters: The accounts of high-profile individuals and companies were compromised, allowing messages to trick people into depositing Bitcoins in certain accounts. 

Twitter accounts of politicians, celebrities and major organisations suddenly began tweeting messages to their followers at the behest of hackers. Here are some of the typical ones that have appeared and been distributed: Here is a screenshot of one of them. To contain the problem, Twitter has been preventing verified accounts from posting new messages for some time. 

In the past I was a bit sloppy in choosing my passwords, but I'm sorry. A coordinated hack has targeted high-profile accounts of Elon Musk, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and other celebrities and tweeted fake bitcoin deals. Similar messages have surfaced on verified accounts of former US President Barack Obama and former British Prime Minister David Cameron, among others.

When Twitter removed the hacked tweets on Wednesday, others popped up in the security game Whac-A-Mole. Keep up the good work, if we look at some of the recent hacks on Twitter and other social media platforms. Sources: 4

Twitter suspended verified elite accounts to prevent hackers from committing a massive cryptocurrency fraud. The accounts were the victim of an unknown hacker who managed to gain access to employees "privacy and secure their privileges. Twitter suspended all tweets from the verified account for more than an hour, but has since restored them.

Twitter said the attack took place after someone 'tricked or forced employees to give access to internal Twitter management tools. Twitter was plunged into chaos last week after a group of people with verified accounts on the social media platform began tweeting links to a Bitcoin scam. More than 1.5 million people in the US were victims of the scam, according to Twitter. 

The post was an attempt to create a timetable for the attack and what it might mean. The article is devoted to the chronological sequence of the attacks and an explanation of the events. 

Twitter accounts of senior business leaders and politicians have been hacked, opening up a new breed of opportunities for disinformation campaigns. Twitter said in a statement on its website that the hack was caused by people who successfully targeted its employees with access to internal systems and tools. The admission suggests that the company's internal system was compromised and that individual users were not to blame. 

Cybersecurity experts said the breach could have dire consequences because the attackers tweeted from verified accounts. The hackers used social engineering to target Twitter employees, then gained access to the accounts and sent tweets offering to send $1,000 to an anonymous Bitcoin address.

The scam discovered on Wednesday included tweets from the accounts of Twitter employees Kim Dong - jin (@ kim _ dong _ jin) and Kim Jong-un. They published almost identical messages asking for Bitcoin donations, but with a different address and a slightly different name. 

The fact that the attack was carried out so quickly, causing many of the tweets to be deleted within minutes, could be a sign of a broader, more nefarious scheme, cybersecurity experts told Business Insider. This is the second time in less than a month that Twitter has been the victim of an unprecedented attack that compromised its users "personal information and accounts. Twitter said it was still investigating the attacks, but on Thursday New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced his state would launch a full investigation into the incident

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2 years ago
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